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When I first got my iPad, I synced it with one computer, but now I need to change computers and the new one says "The iPad is synced with another iTunes library" and asks to erase the contents of the iPad.

Does anyone know how to transfer the syncing to another computer?

Thank you

Reply by socceteer on Nov 2, 2010 3:02 PM Helpful
First when you connect the ipad, before any sync starts select to copy all your purchased items, also you will want to run a backup....after that is done, when you sync it will give you the message to replace the library, you can say "yes" at that point since you now have copied all the apps, music and movies, as well as backed up your settings

Not a smooth process, but it works. It will erase all your music, pictures, etc and re install them all back if you select to install them all back.

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