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I have had my iPhone since the release date, and I currently have iOS 4.1 on there (latest) and I still don't have the 'tethering' option in General > Network > "tethering" option doesn't exist.

I have called Apple and AT&T.

Apple states that I need to erase my phone and start over. Keep in mind - this was being on the phone with them for only 2 minutes, which means they didn't really think long and hard about what it could be.

AT&T tried to troubleshoot, but they gave up quick and just gave me Apple's number.

I am determined that there is a way that fixes this without having to do a complete erase and start over for this phone.

Are there any suggestions out there or anyone else that may or may not have had this problem?

Thanks in advance for the replies!

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Mac OS 10.6.3
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    am I seriously the only person having an issue with this??
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    First, try a simple reset:

    Press the sleep/wake button & home button at the same time, keep pressing until you see the Apple logo, then release(ignore the slide to power off). See if the tethering option appears now. If not, connect your phone to iTunes, hit the check for update button-the tethering option was added through a carrier update file. If you get no updates available & the reset didn't work, your next course of action is to restore from backup. So, right click your phone in the device pane & select "Backup". When complete, right click again & select "Restore from Backup", select the backup you just made, if prompted to create another backup, decline. Follow this by syncing your itunes content back to your phone. See if you have the tethering option now.
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    I checked last night for the update, no update, 4.1 is the latest.

    then, I did a hard reset - nothing, still no option available.

    I guess I will try a restore when I get home.. ugh
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    I did a backup, then a restore from backup - still no option. Should I just wait for 4.2?

    Also, should I try and do a backup, then a full erase, then a restore from backup?
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    Try this:

    Find and delete all the .ipsw files on your computer. There should only be one, but delete all that you find. You will have to turn on show all hidden files & folders to see them. They are located here:

    7 & Vista: C:\Usersusername\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

    OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates.

    Then try restoring from backup again. This will force iTunes to re-download the .ipsw file in case your existing copy is corrupt. If this doesn't work, restoring as new is your only option left.
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    AT&T has a separate $45 iPhone tethering plan. Make sure you don't have the standard 2GB plan(because it won't work with that one).

    Once you have the correct plan, go to Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering

    (If that doesn't work, post back and I'll walk you through a DFU Restore.)
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    Did you bother to read the OP's initial post?

    AT&T tried to troubleshoot, but they gave up quick and just gave me Apple's number.
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    I will try that when I get home. I updated it on my PC, and even tried on my MAC "checking for updates", still nothing. I have ordered the correct plan, I verified with AT&T. I find it hard to believe that when AT&T flips a switch on the plan that this option magically appears in my phone without doing some sort of update.

    What I'm trying to say is..

    1) AT&T changes the plan with the ability to tether
    2) AT&T's servers then contact the Apple update servers, and 'accept' the tethering option
    3) Hook your phone up, and boom, there is an update? and by update, I mean carrier settings update.

    Not sure how it works, but maybe?
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    The option to tether should be on your phone regardless of whether you've signed up for tethering or not. The fact that it is not there is a problem with the OS on your phone. Follow the instructions I posted regarding deleting the .ipsw file/files on your computer, then restore from backup again. If you have the tethering option, great. If not, a restore as new is the only option left.
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    Sigh. I was just covering that base because he didn't mention the price of his plan (AT&T are ******** At times). Also Apple can carrier lock and unlock iPhones through iTunes, so its possible they can push out Carrier updates with no tethering.
    Edit: You can't use the word ret@rded?

    If you go into settings and about, what Carrier version do you have?

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    I'll post all of my settings:

    Network: AT&T
    Version: 4.1 (8B117)
    Carrier: AT&T 8.0
    Modem Firmware: 02.10.04
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    Your info is correct. Follow my instructions regarding deleting the .ipsw file/files on your computer, then restore from backup again.
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    thanks, I will try when I get home <2 hours.