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I have had my iPhone since the release date, and I currently have iOS 4.1 on there (latest) and I still don't have the 'tethering' option in General > Network > "tethering" option doesn't exist.

I have called Apple and AT&T.

Apple states that I need to erase my phone and start over. Keep in mind - this was being on the phone with them for only 2 minutes, which means they didn't really think long and hard about what it could be.

AT&T tried to troubleshoot, but they gave up quick and just gave me Apple's number.

I am determined that there is a way that fixes this without having to do a complete erase and start over for this phone.

Are there any suggestions out there or anyone else that may or may not have had this problem?

Thanks in advance for the replies!

iPhone 4, iOS 4, Mac OS 10.6.3