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Having major problems with the latest version of iMovie. When I start the program and create a new project, the new project won't save. It shows a new project in the project manager, but it never saves to the iMovie project folder on my HD. When I close iMovie and re-open, the project I created isn't there.

I've already repaired permissions, and deleted the plist file, and neither have brought any changes. I also completely removed iMovie and reinstalled, but I'm still having the same problem.

Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any ideas what I can check next?

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iLife '11
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    I've tried everything you guys have suggested and I still can't manually save a project. When I exit iMovie 11 and come back in the latest project I've worked on is there but why can't I manually save the project? When I go to "File" their is no option for "Save" or "Save as." Why is this?

    I've checked all permissions of all folders. Thanks.
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    "When I go to "File" their is no option for "Save" or "Save as." Why is this?"

    This is normal for iMovie. Saving is (or supposed to be) automatic. This is like iPhoto and iTunes for albums, playlist etc..., there is no "Save" per se.

    Every time you make a change, and "validate it (depending on context by changing "focus", clicking "Done" button in dialog, etc...), this change is committed to iMovie database and, in effect, saved in the more traditional sense of the term. So, saving keeps occurring all the time as you work with iMovie.
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    Thanks, DCDesigner, but when I tried that, it didn't work (so sorry, no iPad at this point).

    However, I did discover that if you click Share>Export Using QuickTime, you can save it as a .mov file, but I can't figure out how to re-edit that file in iMovie, at least it is a way to save it.

    But here's the real solution:

    In a project, you can click Project Library up at the top of the window, where you can open and rename all your projects. iMovie saves on its own, so you can't save periodically, as iMovie does that for you.

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    It should save automatically.


    If you want to do a manual save, click FILE/DUPLICATE.

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    i've started a discussion that's similar, if anyone wants to drop in and help:




    mine isn't about saving WITHIN imovie 11. within the program, it's saving my project all the time. if i want to do the equivalent of a "save as..." WITHIN imovie, i use "duplicate project" and work on the newest version.


    what i want to do is save a whole project out, intact, with its movie clips / media files , to somewhere new. (dropbox, a backup, whatever.) like cjstrumpet says, you can export as Quicktime, but then you lose all your work. i don't want to manually copy all my imovie stuff from the Finder, since imovie is so picky about what files go where. ...

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    If i can understand your problem i'll try to help you.


    If you want to become your project to a video;


    After the finish your work, SHARE> Export Using Quick Time.


    It's really simple.