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Hey guys.

Quick question here.
Sometimes when im usin my iphone a lot it will slowly run low on memory (RAM),
once this happens some apps start to act funny. So i always have to turn off my iphone and reboot it to clear the memory up.

This is starting to get a little old. Is there a software (App) that was close down all the TSR's (terminate and stay resident) that are being loaded into my iphone from apps ive been using ?

Usually its just my stupid games (that i have so many of lol)

PS : my phone is NOT jailbroken, and i use ONLY itunes apps.

thanks guys

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    There are no "TSRs" in the iOS (that's an old DOS term). If you use iOS 4, some apps will stream audio, monitor location services, or complete a task after closing. The only apps that otherwise continue to run in the background are the Phone, Mail, and Message.

    Most will keep the last used state for rapid task switching. You can close all of these from the Recent opened ("multitasking" bar), but the iOS frees up memory as needed,

    Systems Activity Monitor (in App Store) will show memory use and free up inactive memory, increasing free memory. Mostly this is a numbers game, but may speed things up a bit and is less tedious than restarting the phone.