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I've been transitioning to Aperture for quite some time and have been having recurring trouble, with both 3.0 and 3.1, in using the Aperture Library in my Desktop Backgrounds preference pane.

When loading the Desktop preference pane, the stock images and an unused iPhoto library load up, but the Aperture library waits for a few moments and then it loads nothing. No tiny arrow on the left, no images in the window, nothing. The Aperture library loads into the Screen Saver preference pane, as well as other places for the iLife Media Browser. JUST NOT the Desktop Background pane.

I took the time to look in the Console for some insight and I got that System Preferences sent the message:

** DesktopPref error: DSKApertureRootSource -loaddata TIME OUT!!! There something wrong with iLife Media Browser

Yes, that would be Apple's poor grammar. If anybody has ANY insight into this, I'd welcome it, because I'd love to get this solved.

For those who might already suggest, let me note that I have rebuilt the library twice, repaired permissions, blah blah blah.

MacBook Rev. A, Mac OS X (10.5)
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