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I do not know what to search for in this case so I apologies if it is a well known question.

I am trying to import a 3CD opera. Each disc has track numbers starting at 01
I have use the info panel to disc numbers ie. 1 of 3 2 of 3 & 3 of 3 but the tracks are listed as follows and I do not know how to sort it out.

Track Track No.
01 01
02 01
03 01
04 02
05 02
06 02 etc. etc.

The boxes in the info window marked 'track numbers' do not seem to be for this purpose.

Before I try again futilely, is there a nice simple solution of which I am ignorant?

If so please put me out of this misery and respond.

Many thanks.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), SSD user
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    Hello readers,

    Delighted to say my efforts have not been in vain and the problem is solved by me.

    Do I get point for this?

    Solution - no real idea.

    Just walked away after shut down, had a cup of tea and when I restarted ALL WAS WELL! ;-O

    Anywayup thanks for your time.