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I've just bought a brand new iMac 27" - very exciting. Just got it set up, going to make it my default computer instead of my MacBook, and everything looks nice.

But tonight I've plugged in my iPhone. And my iPad. And my wife's iPad. The iMac is new, latest iTunes, iLife 11, 10.6.4 OSX with all updates. Nothing is plugged in - wireless bluetooth keyboard and mighty mouse - only USB device plugged in is my iPhone Synch cable.

When I plug any of the devices in, iPhoto automatically identifies it, opens (if it's not open already) and has no problem importing photo's. iTunes does not automatically open. If iTunes is open there are no devices shown, and it doesn't seem to recognize or acknowledge at all that a device is plugged in.

iPhoto correctly identifies the device name without issue "Rob's iPhone", "Rob's iPad"

I have checked preferences in iTunes - and "prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically" is NOT checked.

I have checked in System Profiler, and under USB it correctly shows an iPhone connected.

There are multiple users on the computer, but the one I'm logged in on is an Administrator.

Any suggestions?



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