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    Well, I was planning on keeping my 2007 Sentra for at least another couple of years, so buying a new car just to have a workable Bluetooth system with my iPhone 4 is out of the question.


    And, if I can't put a new radio/bluetooth system in from Nissan, I may have to look at other options and just not use the bluetooth in the car.  That's a shame because of the built-in controls, and the automatic audio management when I receive a call.


    I'm really ticked off about this because a far lesser phone worked absolutely flawlessly, and my expensive iPhone has issues.  This problem is widespread.  Look at other threads, and you'll see the same pattern - "my older phone (even iPhone 3G or 3Gs) worked fine, but my iPhone 4/4s doesn't work."  And we're talking about Toyotas, Minis, etc.


    Can't see how all these automakers are at fault.  Looks more and more like Apple made a change starting in iOS 4.x through iOS 5, and now a lot of people are having problems.

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    I have a 2008 Altima, and since updating my iPhone4 to iOS, I am unable to use the bluetooth in my car.  It works sporadically at best.  It keeps cutting out... from car speakers, tojust the phone speakers, to nothing, and then back to the car speakers for just enough time for me to say "hello, you there"? and it then cuts out again.  This is EXTREMELY frustrating, since the main reason I traded my 2005 Altima for a 2008 model was because it now had a bluetooth system. 

    So are you saying that I will be wasting my time by going to Nissan?  This was what my next step was.  I already went to Apple and exchanged my phone for a new one, thinking it was an issue with my phone. 

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    So are you saying that I will be wasting my time by going to Nissan?  This was what my next step was.


    Yuppers.  Very much an Apple problem.

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    I have the exact same problem you do except I have a 2008 Frontier.  I'm pretty sure Nissan doesn't have different model bluetooth units in their cars of the same year.  Have you found out anything more?

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    I have not found out anything else yet, but I plan on contacting Nissan within the next few weeks, b/c I feel that I should at least make sure my bluetooth is not malfunctioning first.  Then I'll see what my options are then.  Please keep me posted if you find out anything, as I will do the same.   

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    I made an appointment with an Apple Store Genius today and discussed the problem with him.  He swapped out my iphone for a new one for free.  The new Iphone had IOS 5 on it too and the problem still exisists so clearly the issue is with IOS 5, not a defective phone.  My wife has the same Iphone 4 model that I do, we did NOT upgrade hers to IOS 5 and it works perfectly with our NIssan still.  IOS 5 is the problemo!  Unfortunately the apple guy told me it is IMPOSSIBLE to roll the OS back.  They will not do it.  He suggested contacting Nissan.

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    Brisco811, I'm curious which model iPhone 4 your wife has.  Verizon?  AT&T?  Sprint?  And when you said that her iPhone 4 "works perfectly", does that also mean little things like the phone rings properly with an incoming call using Nissan bluetooth?


    Also, do you have the same iPhone model as your wife?


    I ask, because I think the problem began with iOS 4.x, but I have always used AT&T iPhones.  When I had my iPhone 3G with iOS 3.x, I had NO problems with my 2007 Sentra's bluetooth.  When I upgraded my 3G to iOS 4, the bluetooth problems began.  It hasn't been fixed with iPhone 4 using iOS 4.x or iOS 5.x.  So, I think the problem started with iOS 4, and has never been fixed, but wonder if its limited to AT&T iPhones.


    I'm about ready to give up on this problem, because I think there's nearly ZERO chance it will be fixed.

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    Bob,  My wife's phone and mine are identicle.  We bought them on the same day in Februrary when Verizon released iphone 4 for Verizon.  Hers is still running 4.2.10.  Mine is running 5.0.1.  I have the exact same symptoms on my phone while in my 2008 Nissan Frontier that Mikemwings describes above.  Her phone still works perfectly... receive and send calls perfectly.  CLEARLY apple has something screwed up in 5.0 or higher.  I even tried a brand new iphone today with 5.0.... same issues.

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    With every OS update, the bluetooth problem has gotten worse.  It worked perfectly for me with iPhone 3G with IOS 3.x, my iPhone 3G and 4 with iOS 4.x did not ring with incoming calls using Nissan Bluetooth, and now I have the same issues as you and Mikemwings with iPhone 4 and IOS 5.x.  All with my Nissan Sentra.


    The Sentra's firmware hasn't changed (as far as I know) since I got the car, so this is clearly an Apple issue.  It doesn't matter which version either (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)


    Unless somebody forces Apple to fix this, I expect nothing to change.  I've resorted to stop using my iPhone with  Nissan bluetooth, de-pairing it, and erasing all traces of it from the car.  Since Nissan's website shows the iPhone works fine with their bluetooth systems, I have a feeling they really haven't tested it since the iOS 3.x days.

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    Well, it seems were are clear that there is a uniform problem w/ the iPhone 4 + iOS 4.x on ATT. Is there anyone w that setup and a 2005 -2011 Nissan where everything works fine? So far, haven't heard of anyone.


    Also, does anyone have any experience w the iPhone 4s and Nissan? Same problems?

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    I bought my girlfriend the iPhone 4s for Xmas. After I give it to her I will try to pair it with my Altima to see if it is compatible. I will keep you all posted when I do.

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    I've done the same as bob0h and disconnected my Bluetooth altogether because it was very annoying whenever I tried to use it. Something has to be done, hopefully another update soon.

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    So I was out at my dad's today.  He called and said he had just bought the new 4g Android Razor for verizon and wanted me to set up his stuff.  I went out there and while I was there I tried pairing it to my Nissan.  Works perfectly!  Android can put out a brand new phone and not have a bluetooth problem!  That phone isn't even on the NIssan supported bluetooth phones list and Iphone 4 is!  Just thought everybody would like to know about that little experiment.  I'm seriously considering trying to buy an Iphone 4 off ebay that as not been updated to 5.0 or higher.

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    I have a 2007 Nissan Altima hybrid with the Bose radio and Bluetooth


    I have had a verizon iPhone 4 since they launched it


    The phone was able to pair with the car and it worked pretty good.  Ios4.1


    In december I updated to ios5


    Since then I can pair the phone but I can't make one call with it


    The calls get dropped back to the iPhone , hen I pick up the handset and the calls are back on the speaker



    Not to mention that I was. Never able to stream music or audio books to the radio




    I think this is definitely an apple issue with ios5



    Does anyone have a 2007 nissan that works with ios5

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    Brian, and all others on this thread,


    The iPhone 4s is perfectly compatible with my 2008 Altima, if you read my previous postings, you will understand why I am saying this. 

    I decided to write a nice email to Tim Cook in regards to my iPhone4's incompatibility with my car.  I figured I'd try to start with the top dog.  I received an phone call the next day by a rep that vowed he would help me with this issue. He set up a genius bar appointment for me at an Apple store.  When I went in there, the Apple rep basically cleared my phone completely, as if it was a brand new phone.  she then did an iCloud backup to restore all my contacts, music, apps etc.  She said this was all she was able to do.  When I went to my car, the problem persisted.  The apple rep gave me a follow up call like he promised, and I told him I am still having this issue.  He then told me that there is nothing else that Apple can do, since "the software is working as it was intended to".  We went in circles for a while with me asking how could it be working properly if it doesn't work in my car, but MANY other phones do work flawlessly in my car?  He had no more answers for me.  I am completely frustrated and plan writing again to Mr. Cook.  I want to ask him if he will be willing to pay for my fine when I get a ticket for driving without a hands free device.  If anyone else has any other solutions, please let me know.  Thanks.


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