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I have a 54-page document created in Word containing a mix of texts and pictures.

I would like to re-create this document in iWeb (I already have several pages of places and photos).

What would be the easiest way of creating a web page with this information in it? I don't simply want to put a pdf document link - I would like people visiting the site to actually be able to read the document and see the pictures.

So, anyone any ideas as to what would be the easiest way to achieve this? That is - is there an easier way to do it than simply copy-&-pasting the text and re-inserting the photos?


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    You could open the file using Word and save it as a PDF then link to file in iWeb. Takes just a few seconds.
    Copy/paste into iWeb would lose formatting and fonts. Pictures would need to be uploaded.
    iWeb doesn't have any import features. The PDF file you add to your page will either download when the link is clicked or open in another browser window (depending on the visitors browser settings).
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    The easiest way would be to export the doc as .html, upload it to your server and display it in a scrolling iframe on your site.


    If you want to upload it as a pdf then you would be better to use Google Docs Viewer....

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    Thanks I'll give that I try and post back here with the details.

    Appreciate the thoughts
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    Let me think about that one. I do have a pdf format already so let me try the other suggestion first and whatever happens I'll post a reply back here with the reults.

    Thanks again
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    Ok, After much work I have settled on the following.

    Originally my document was in Word. Saving this to a pdf format increased the file size by a factor of 7. Wholly useless for uploading. I then saved the Word document in htm format amd sadly all the formatting went to h* in a hand-basket. I then decided to open the Word document in Pages. I had to correct some minor formatting issues and then converted it into a pdf document. The file size stayed the same. (Good 'ole Apple) So, I have now uploaded the pdf file to the web page (using iweb -very easy really if not a trifle slow - we live in the dark ages here with broadband speeds - wouldn't I just love to get my hands on the BT guy!). I have trialled this by accessing the page as an outsider and downloaded the pdf file. This took about two minutes on my slow connection. So perhaps not ideal but definitely workable.

    I did look up the iframe solution and - despite involving my son (who is considerably brighter than me) couldn't figure out quite how to do this.

    No doubt I will keep plugging away because I must say that the iframe solution does look rather elegant!

    So, a great thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I am now up and running but will continue to attempt to refine it

    Thanks again

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    I use the freeware Bean for text docs because it can export to HTML.


    Copying your Pages doc and pasting it into Bean should keep the formatting. Then do a File/Export to HTML. You can double click this to launch it in the browser to test it out before uploading.

    Upload this in a folder to the root folder on your server or, if you publish to MobileMe, to iDisk/My iDisk/Web/Sites.

    The URL for the iFrame will be....


    or MobileMe.....


    Adjust the width of the iFrame so that the doc fits without horizontal scrolling. You will have to increase the web page width in the Page inspector Layout window if you are using the iWeb default. The "standard" webpage width of 980 px is a good starting point.

    Adjust the height of the iFrame so that a reasonable amount of text shows before the viewer has to start scrolling horizontally.
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    Thanks Roddy,

    I will be away for this weekend but I'll give this a try next week and report back.

    Here's hoping I can resolve something!

    Thanks again.

    Watch this space!