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So, I got my new 13" MB Air (Late 2010) the other day and wiped the drive and reinstalled 10.6.4 from the included USB stick. Doing so reinstalled a very limited set of printer drivers, which is good, except I now can't figure out how to get back the few (HP) drivers I need. There's a KB article that states the following:

"Does MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive include any printer drivers?

Yes. You can install a limited selection of print drivers using the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive. Apple adds support for additional printer models frequently. After you have reinstalled the software with the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive, run Software Update before using a printer."

Unfortunately, running software update after my reinstall yields no printer driver updates.

Any ideas?

MacBook Air (Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.4)