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Hi there,

I was wondering if any of the Automator community could point me in the direction of some good tutorials..

I have a couple of tasks that I want to automate, though I think they require some Apple script at some point too.

1) I run a localhost. I would like to write a automator task that sets up new vHost (based on me entering some values ie: Name and root directory), updates my Hosts file and restarts Apache.

2) I get a lot of deleted domains list sent to me each morning. Im wanting to forward that email to my Wordpress install and auto add posts.. Automator can be set to schedule hey?

3) I would like to be able to publish my clients Analytics reports as they come into my mail box. The reports would need to be published to a different location on the server, so clients would only see their report. I know that Google does have a scheduled email sent, though Im want to set up a one-stop shop, for getting this information.

Do these things sound too far fetched for Automator?



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