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I would like to assign a ringtone to anonymous callers without caller ID. That is, I want ANY call from any caller whose caller ID is anonymous/blocked to play one certain ringtone. Can I do that? I haven't figured out how.

(Specifically I want it to play a "silent" ringtone. I never answer anonymous calls, but I don't want to block them entirely...I want them to go to voicemail, so I can then see if the call is worth following up on. If there was a way to direct certain numbers or non-numbers to go straight to voicemail that would be even better but I think that I can't do that.)

3gs, iOS 4
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    You can create a silent ringtone very easily, then renaming it as silent and adding it to your existing list of ringtones. I've done it for users whom I do not want to be interrupted by.

    I too would appreciate the ability to send anonymous / blocked / unwanted nuisance callers direct to voicemail but I don't think it is currently available. Perhaps this option might be added to the wish list on a later iOS update?