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Hi all. Most of my calendar 'events' are actually just reminders to myself, so when I have a reminder for 10 in the morning, whether I'm in Germany or Puerto Rico or the US, I would like that event to occur at 10am (depending on which time zone I am in.

When I moved to Germany this summer I had to spend considerable time redoing all of my events because they didn't migrate to this new time despite me trying to readjust the system settings under calendars. It seems like once the event times are adjusted you can't get them back.

Today I will be travelling to PR, so I'm hoping that if I can adjust everything before leaving, it will automatically be fixed when I arrive.

Right now my settings for the time and date is that it updates automatically. For the calendar I have the time support setting OFF and the time zone set for Munich. On a side note, I believe when the time was switched last week from summer time (DST) to winter time (ST) I think the calandar events did not adjust properly, meaning that they all appear to me as being one hour earlier now (but I'm not totally sure on that!

3GS, Windows XP Pro