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I'm using iPhone 3G
I have an App called FreeMemory (from the AppStore) than can view all running apps in the background.
What I'll do is check FreeMemory and I can see that Mail is NOT running.
Then I go ahead and open Contacts and tap on a particular contact name (I noticed that it takes a while to open the details of a particular contact).
After that I close Contacts and go back to FreeMemory. Now I see Mail running in the background.
(but when I only open Contacts and scroll through the list and I dont tap a contact name, it WONT open the Mail app).

I can conclude that accessing a contact detail also opens Mail app which eats RAM since im using only iPhone 3G which has small RAM.
*PLEASE note that all my mail accounts are already INACTIVE/DISABLED and my Fetch options are OFF and set to Manual. Also, I DONT have any email adress info of my contacts stored in their names.

Any idea how I can prevent Mail from opening when I access contact details??

HP SlimLine, Windows Vista