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I have noticed this for a while now and I was just wondering if this is a problem that is being addressed. My job requires me to change the wireless network that I am connected to a lot. When ever I change the network I am connected to it takes my Mac between 30 - 60 seconds to connect to the new wireless network. Once I am connected it is fine but that initial time that it takes is killing me right now.

I know a minute may not seem like a lot of time but having to do it 20 or 30 times a day can be a little trying. Any suggestions on what to do? I know the networks I am connecting to are good and work fine. I just wish it wouldn't take my Mac so long to connect to them.

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Welcome to Apple Support Discussions.

    Considering OS X is extremely stable I don't think there is something Apple needs to address. However there very well could be an issue with your set up. One of the common issues is if you live in a suburban area you may be competing for bandwidth for wi-fi with your neighbors. Most wi-fi routers are use channel's 5 & 6 as their default channels and most people never change them. Where I less I no less than 15 wi-fi networks within range so I changed my channel. You can download and use iStumbler (Google it) and it will tell you what networks are within range and what channel each is using. There are about 11 channels so then it's just a matter of changing your router's channel. If you are using a Airport Extreme or Airport Express you can use Airport Utility to do this, if you are using another router then locate instructions for how to change channels.

    Another possiblity is your ISP could be causing the problem by using DNS settings that create problems. I use Comcast as my ISP (if you're not familiar with them, they're huge!) and was forced to change mine. Here is an article from MacWorld that explains the problem and how to fix it.


    Just some ideas to check.

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    Thanks for the tips but I don't think that is the problem. The wireless networks I am connecting to are managed by a highly technical company who deal with this stuff every day. All the PC users work fine and don't have this problem. The Mac users are always having to deal with this issue of having to wait for something on the Mac to finally connect and get an IP address.

    I agree with your statement that OS X is stable I am not contesting that. I do feel there might be some inefficiency with how OS X handles the wireless stack and protocols.

    I was hoping by posting to this form to see if the issue has been brought to Apple's attention and if they are working on a solution.
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    Got it. I hear what you are saying however that doesn't mean the solutions won't work. Your site has nothing to lose by using them. I would recommend you post feedback to Apple at www.apple.com/feedback as they don't read these forums.