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Hi folks,

My friend has the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Unfortunately she spilled water on the keyboard today and the power suddenly shut off automatically, and it would not turn on no matter how many times she pressed the power button. But the problem is there was a keyboard protector on the keyboard when the water spilled, so I am pretty sure there might be only little water really have gotten in the computer...

Did it happen to you before? Any suggestions?

Thank you

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Well, apparently enough water got inside to damage the computer, KB protector or no KB protector.

    STOP trying to operate the computer while there's water inside — doing so can only cause further damage. Disconnect the AC adapter and take out the battery (the warranty is void now, so don't worry about removing the battery yourself). Stand the machine up on its front edges with the display open 30-45°, and leave the bottom cover off for a minimum of three or four 24-hour days with a household fan blowing room-temperature air into the underside of the MBP to evaporate the water away. Then try starting it up. If it runs, it may be OK. If not, take it in for repair, and brace yourself for a bill of $500 or more.