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I recently bought my wife an iPad and she loves it. We have a problem with email however. She has just one email account with Sky, and downloads and sends her email via POP. The problem is that every single message that she has received or sent is archived in the Gmail 'All Mail' folder within the email application. She does not have a Gmail account and does not want all her messages archiving - particulary somewhere that she cannot access. There does not seem to be any means of removing these archived messages, or preventing new messages from going into this folder. Delete them and they come back. Drag them to the trash folder and they come back. I have gone through all the email settings and I cannot find any means of preventing this archiving. We cannot go into Gmail settings because she does not have a Gmail account!
Any advice on how to resolve this issue would be gratefully received!

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    Hi and welcome to Apple Discussions...

    Try Skye's e-mail support here because this may be a web based mail client issue, not the iPad. Try their e-mail help center or try to contact Sky just to rule that out.

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    One other suggestion is restore the iPad from a backup.

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    Thanks for that Carolyn. I have already checked the Sky settings and ensured that the settings are for messages to be deleted from the server once downloaded. I've also cleared all messages from the server - but they are still there in the 'All messages' folder. It's a bit of a mystery. The 300 odd messages (both sent and received) are not all stored on the iPad and so they are on a server somewhere - I just don't know where!!

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    Carolyn. Because the 'All Mail' folder appeared beneath the 'Gmail' folder - I presumed this was a Gmail issue. Following your suggestion, however, I logged in to my wife's Sky e-mail account and found there was a hidden 'All Mail' folder - and that was where all these messages were stored. I deleted them and now they have gone from the folder on the iPad.
    Many thanks for your suggestion!