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Hi all.

I have been an apple convert for several years and have never had cause to complain before. However, an iPhone 4 has been purchased and I have a repeating problem.

The first iPhone 4 kept switching itself off repeatedly. It was taken back and, after a period without a phone, the replacement was collected. This, I have been told, is a completely new phone.

So, having transferred all the contacts etc again, use of the second iPhone 4 was commenced.

Guess what, it keeps switching itself off and has had to be returned..............again. Guess what, I am without a mobile phone...............again. I need it for business so this is a real pain.

I would like to complain to Apple to see if I can get an iPhone 4 that actually works correctly. I have scoured their website to try and find an e-mail address or a contact number for a complaints department in the UK. I cannot find one.

Is this because I have missed it or is it because Apple are so arrogant that they do not believe anyone would dare to complain about one of their products?

I was researching buying a Mac Pro for my photography business. Perhaps I will have to do more research to find alternatives. I NEED reliable products.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide me with the contact details I need.

iMac 27", Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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