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I'm using Aperture 3.1. I've created and upload several "Facebook Albums" from Aperture. It's always worked great. I've selected the pictures and uploaded. However, I've used the Facebook interface to enter captions for each picture; I have NOT edited the metadata in Aperture.

After uploading a new Facebook album tonight, I closed Aperture and then considerable spent time in Facebook adding captions each picture. When I next start up Aperture, it starting "syncing" several of my Facebook albums, including the one I just entered tonight. This is the first time this has happened (but then, in the past, Aperture has never remembered my Facebook password and I've had to "manually" log in to upload pictures/album).

In syncing, Aperture removed all the caption data in the ablum I had put in via the FB interface (it replaced it with the default version name). I understand that if I had "caption" data in the comment section of the photo's meta data it would use that. But I don't want to put that meta data in there. There are times I want to have different caption data depending on where I publish my pictures, or depending on the "set" I publish.

So my question is, is there a way to turn off "syncing" of "Facebook Albums" in Aperture ? I just want to use Aperture to simply upload a select group of picture to a given Facebook Album.


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