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Setting up my slideshow I adjusted the length of time per slide to 8 seconds in iPhoto but it seemed to default to 5 seconds when played on the Apple TV. Under photo settings in Apple TV I couldn't find a setting adjustment for time of slide.

Also, the custom songs I selected didn't pass through from iPhoto to Apple TV. Any ideas?

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    I don't believe you can do that natively on the ATV. You would have to export a slideshow with those settings, and import into iTunes to stream.
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    How do I export the slideshow into iTunes so my ATV2 sees it?
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    hammersb wrote:
    How do I export the slideshow into iTunes so my ATV2 sees it?

    you need to export the slideshow to a movie file in iphoto.
    then import that movie into itunes, thus making it available to appletv.
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    I found the answer in the Apple TV setup guide. In iTunes, choose Advanced > "Photos to share". Then select "selected albums..." at the top and then check the photo albums you want to share. Hit apply and the selected albums will appear under photos in your ATV menu under computer > photos.

    Too simple!
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    So that works for slideshows with music?
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    The slideshow can be accessed using the ATV menu but music needs to be re-selected using the ATV settings menu. Also, a customized music option is not available within the ATV menu, just playlists.
    Of course you can simple make a playlist of your custom choices and then select that - I just thought of that! Back to iTunes one more time!!
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    That's pretty cool!
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    I was in the exact same boat.  Plugged in via USB, I couldn't get anything to work.  Then, I noticed that the HP Software including HP scan pro and the like worked. 


    Using HP scan pro, my unreachable scanner began scanning. 


    Try downloading the HP software for the printer.  Check for updates.  Mine is working under Lion 10.7

    Screen Shot 2011-12-03 at 3.57.01 PM.jpg