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My 3G shuffle died so I bought a new shuffle, a 4G. I subscribe to a particular podcast that always comes in three segments. For some reason, they always show up in my itunes podcast list in reverse order: 3, 2, then 1.

With my 3G I just moved them from itunes to the ipod in the correct order, and they appeared in that order.

With the 4G, no matter in what order I move them to the ipod, they persist in listing (and playing) in the reverse order.

I cannot change the order of play by dragging the individual podcasts on the ipod, as I did with the 3G.

Question: how do I change the play order of these podcasts?

Bull Durham

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    Had the same problem. Either get a second gen shuffle that allows you to manage the playback order, or create a playlist, transfer you podcasts to the playlist, arrange them in any way you want, and use the voiceover to play that specific playlist.

    That solved the problem the problem for me. The only problem is that it won't update the podcasts as "played". After a while, iTunes will ask you to confirm downloading the podcasts as they have not been played in a while.

    I would also bet a buck to a penny as to the podcasts you are referring to. I'm thinking is RL.
    Hope that helps.
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    Adding to jabit:  It also helps for some reason to add any normal mp3 to a podcast playlist.  For some reason the iPod shuffle seems to then recognize the playlist as a song playlist and respects the order you put it in.