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Hello. I have tried everything to get my iSight to work online with sites like Chatroulette, but Flash is not detecting the camera at all.

Some facts:
1. The iSight is detected under System Profiler > USB > USB High-Speed Bus > Built-in iSight.
2. The iSight works in Photo Booth and other similar apps.
3. I have reset the PRAM and PMU 3 times each, to no avail.
4. I have created a separate user, but the same problem exists on that account.
5. When I try to change the camera settings on Chatroulette, I am either presented with no camera options at all or only "DV Video" and "IIRC Firewire."
6. This has been a problem for about 4 months now. It was fixed temporarily after a system update but came back shortly thereafter.

I don't believe this is a hardware problem, because it works fine in Photo Booth. I've even tried to have Photo Booth and Chatroulette open at the same time, but I still can't select my iSight as a camera. It doesn't detect it.

I have tried every solution online I could find, but nothing has worked for me. Any ideas, short of reinstalling the OS? Thanks!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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