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Using my Ipad since July without issue. Was using this morning, and worked like a charm. I know it had over 70% of battery. This afternoon there is noting I can do to start it, and it has been on my desk in the office? Completely dead, and not ringing in email arrivals? Any ideas?

Ipad WiFi + 3G, 64GB, Ipad
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    After a number of attempts with teh Sleep and Home button, it fired up? Hard to believe how much I have come to depend on it, even though I have a primary computer?
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    This morning my ipad won't start. No response at all. Have tried all the tricks mentioned on this site (various combination of holding the buttons for a long time), but no response.

    Connected to the usual PC with itunes, and I can see and hear a reaction from the PC, but I get the message "Device driver not successfully installed".
    Pressing the buttons while connected to the PC obviously makes some kind of reaction (connect/disconnect sound from the PC), but still the ipad will not wake up.

    Have charged it for hours.

    Any suggestions?
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    I had the same issue this morning. Had to hold the start / home buttons together for 10 - 15 seconds to hard re-boot. I was connected to my dell pc i-tunes at the time as well. I have over 85% of the battery.
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    I have expirienced same problem,

    i ran "update all" in appstore, after an hour i wanted to see if its done and ipad didnt turn it on. I tried hard reset several times but nothing happened.

    I googled around and figure out that the solution should be restoring to default settings. I went in recovery mode, itunes successfully detected ipad, i hit restore and i get 1611 error.

    Till then my ipad keeps restarting. I followed http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275 on 2 different OS (osx&win7) with no difference.

    what should i do? did i brick my ipad?