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My daughter as a 4th generation iPod (I think). Recently, when she had it connected to our PC, with iTunes coming up, there was some window that popped up. (I wasn't there to witness this, so I don't know why it said.) There was a lot of text, and 2 checkboxes. They selected both, and then continued/OK/whatever, then it ran a scan. Whatever it was, it said, it found something and moved it to some folder called "Found". Now, nothing at all shows up on her iPod.

Today I tried to figure out what was on her iPod. While it was connected to the PC I opened a Windows Explorer and opened her iPod. Then I got into Windows Explorer Tools|Folder Options|View and set it to "View all hidden files/folders". I can find the music files in a subfolder, that's, well probably not where iTunes expects to find it. So, where should it go, how do I get it there, etc?

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    Your daughter probably did something to the file and it was moved to Found, but iTunes didn't know it was moved there.

    METHOD #1
    Try dragging the file into iTunes. When I have a file not from iTunes (a downloaded song, sound effects, etc.), iTunes won't recognize it because it doesn't know where to locate it at. Open up the folder on your computer, open iTunes, click on the Music place at the top left and just drag the song or album into the main thing of iTunes (don't know how to describe it... it's not the navigation bar but the big squareish place where you view all your music)

    METHOD #2
    If you search iTunes for the song, it should show up. There also should be an exclamation mark next to it. But if you try to play it, a window should pop up that says "the song ... could not be used because the original file could not be found. would you like to locate it?" and click locate, then find the file.