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Having just purchased my lovely new iPod shuffle, I wanted to load it immediately with some of my books (i use the shuffle exclusively for audio's) I loved the fact that the new shuffle distinguishes between books and music and has different categories for it, however, this is exactly my problem, when adding books,they will show up as added in iTunes, but when using the shuffle, it acts as if it is only loaded with ONE book, it will not play the others, although they show up when the shuffle is connected to iTunes.
Has anyone experienced the same problem?
I have done pretty much all I can think of, but nothing works, the whole point is to have more than one book on it, so, at the moment its pretty useless to me, especially since I do not want to re-categorize all my books into music and then have to wade through the whole mixed booksandmusic mess.
I do hope somebody here has a clever solution to this problem!
Fingers crossed that I might have just overlooked some tick box or some such thing.

Windows 7
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    Solution found:
    I have just read the following by Ipod whisperer in another post:

    You have to access your podcasts as a playlist. So you have to hold down the little button on the top till it starts speaking the playlists. It will say "All Songs" and list off your playlists. When it starts to say the name of your podcast, you can hit the the play button and it will start playing your podcasts.

    The same is true for audiobooks, THANK YOU iPod whisperer, you are a Genius!
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    Downloaded an audiobook, got to Chapter 3 when I had to shut off my shuffle for about 6 hours. Turned it back on, it began not where I left off and now only had 2 chapters on shuffle. Went home, ITUNES said all 6 parts were loaded but I. reloaded the book along with a new one. The "new book" was on the shuffle first so I listened to it. Again, hour and half later, I shut off shuffle, only to turn it back on NOT where I left off. Guess what? Only 2 chapters on the shuffle. This time when I hooked up to ITUNES, it showed NO books were on m device. I have had the shuffle 2 weeks and ready to return it.
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    So parts of the book are there on the shuffle, then at some later point they disappear? Funky.

    Try restoring in itunes then see if it still happens. Let us know, that is just weird.

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    OMG. My Ipod has gone nuts. I'm the one who can't get the rest of the audio book to play after I shut off my shuffle. Get this. I went and reloaded the last 3 parts of the book I was listening to. When it started to transfer to my shuffle, it said that these parts were already on, did I want to override? I said yes. Now the only thing on my shuffle is a "test transfer" I did from my library that I did to make sure everything was in order. I had originally listened to the first 2 chapters but did a check anyway. NO book, no nothing on my shuffle now. I have about had it. HELP. I will go and finish the book on my computer before it expires.
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    Me again, now this a.m. I was able to download the first two parts of my book. although the VOice over said it was still Part 1. I know this because I have been listening to the book on my computer plus, the fast forward stuck on and I had to hit Play/Pause to stop it. Then, the book on Ipod stopped mid sentence and there was no more downloaded. It's going back to the store. Thanks for listening.
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    I am having the same problem. If I try to listen to multiple podcasts, it will not move to the next podcast by pressing forward. You can press the voice over button and try to catch each podcast by hitting play at the precise moment it announces it, but this defeats the purpose of a shuffle. Turn it on and listen, that was the idea. I've tried saving the podcast list as a smart playlist but that doesn't seem to work. If anyone knows how to do this, please help.
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    People are having the same problem in another thread: "Only plays 1 (ONE) Podcast - No matter what I do" http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2649381&tstart=0
    And that includes me! Even if you put multiple podcasts or audiobook files onto a playlist or smart playlist and then put it on your iPod shuffle, only one of them will play. To get the next one on the list to play you have to use Voice Over to scroll forward and then click play, which is ridiculous.

    My only advice is to get podcasts and audiobooks directly from websites, if possible, i.e., not as a podcast subscription through itunes. That way, your shuffle will not treat the files as podcasts and you'll avoid the hassle of trying to get them to play in order as a simple playlist.

    Obviously something is wrong with the way podcasts are implemented in 4th gen shuffle. Hope this gets fixed soon.
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    My iPod shuffle makes a crackling sound then shuts off and will not turn back on unless I plug it into the computer once or twice. Does anyone know what's wrong? It's happened on two iPods.