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I have an iPhone 4 running version 4.1 (8B117) software, and have noticed that the + and - volume buttons do not seem to have any affect on music or call volume.

When I plug the headphones that came with the iPhone, the volume buttons on the headphones control the volume (in iPod mode the slider moves up and down, along with the volume), and when the iPod isn't playing music pushing these buttons brings up the volume icon, again changing the volume as you would expect.

But take the headphones out and try to use the volume buttons on the handset, and nothing happens - no moving volume slider, no volume icon, and no change in volume.

Dose anyone have any ideas - phone fault, settings hidden deep in a menu structure etc?



iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    That's Apple quality. If you look at how may faulty devices they make, I can't say that they are a cut above. That's why samsung has taken over Apple as the leader. You may want to try a samsung galaxy II. Anyway, to answer your question, you could try upgrading your phone to iOS 5 to fix the problem. Likely however, its a hardware issue, but it can be worked around by going into settings<sounds and then under the ring heading, slide the slider to the desired sound level. Hope this helps.



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    Hi Paul, I am experiencing the same problem.  Not software hardware problem.  The problem is that when you remove your headphone jack that it not disconnecting properly or something like that so that your phone is in limbo between speaker or headphone mode.  To fix the problem insert and remove the headset jack several times and it should function properly.  As it is a "headphone jack" problem it will not probably go away and you will find yourself wiggling your jack in and out to make it work.  If you could be stuffed send it to apple to fix or you local phone repair shop.