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So my phone got a little wet this week in the rain. I lost all audio and video/imaging abilities. I dried my phone out for the week, in a bag of rice, which I have heard workes great. That seemed to do the trick for my audio, because it has come back. But now my problem seems to be my screen. Some visibility has returned, but it is very, very dim (can only be seen under a lamp or other light). Could this mean that my LCD isn't functioning correctly, or would it be another problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Compaq 6710b, iOS 4
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    I sure there is damage to the phone from being wet. You may need to take it to Apple store and see if it can be fixed. BTW that is not covered under warranty. Good luck
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    Yeah I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I'm just trying to see if anyone might know the source of my problem. I'd feel a little better, if I walked in knowing a little bit about what the problem might be. Right now I feel like a caveman... Screen dim. You fix? hahaha
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    If the LCD in the phone is similar to the ones used for Apple's notebook displays, then the backlight may have failed and needs to be replaced.

    You may have to invest in a replacement phone

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    ok here is the problem
    most people think the bag of rice will help you with water damaged

    wrong!!!, ok not 100% wrong but 98% wrong

    i fix iphones or buy broken iphones for parts
    so i notice that water + electrical component = rust

    specially copper or connectors + water = rust 100%

    i always trying to say to people
    after water damage
    turn it off
    dont just let it dry
    take it to someone who can take it appart
    clean with electronic parts cleaner and put it back together after

    i would said that 55% of the water damaged iphone might be saved if clean the water out within 24 hours

    remember as soon as the water is in contact with metal or electrical component
    rust will start

    just look at the usb port after water damaged and let it dry for a while
    you might see the pins are green or rusted

    as your LCD being dim
    4 possible problem

    1- LCD has gone bad
    2- LCD connector has rusted pins
    3- Mainboard connector to LCD has rusted pins
    4- mainboard video chip has rusted pins or areas

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