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Best I can tell from what I've read, there's no accessory I can use to hook my iPad to an HDTV via HDMI, DVI, or RGB analog, and still mirror the iPad's screen at full iPad resolution.

Is that true?

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    Presently there is no legitimate way to mirror the iPad display on another display. As you probably know, you can buy VGA, composite and component out cables that allows displaying (not mirroring) the content of some apps.
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    Thanks for confirming the impression I got from reading this forum, and various other sources.

    What I'm mostly looking for some sort of way to have my iBooks (or Kindle books) show up on my big-screen HDTV. That, so that I can read while I exercise on my elliptical machine. I created a ... book rack ... for my iPad and attached it to the exercise machine, but, not surprisingly, it ends up jostling around to the point of being unreadable.

    Probably the best bet would be to find some what to attach it to the wall instead of the exercise machine.

    I read ... somewhere ... about a rumor that Apple might add iBooks, and possibly Apps capability in general, to AppleTV. As best I understand it, that plan apparently has either been scuttled, or it was just an unfounded rumor in the first place.
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    There are apps that can display files via video-out. One such app is GoodReader that display files like excel, docs pdfs. A VGA video will give you HD out.