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    I have a MacBook Pro (bought Sept 2010) and I connect to TV via mini port with mini display port adapter to HDMI.  I have been doing this over a year and I have found the display port adapter needs to be replaced about every 2 to 3 months (I'm connected almost always to the tv);  the adapters have a know issue with them and fail regularly --you may even get one brand new that does not work.  The first one I bought was an "apple" brand costing me like 35 USD,  now i get them as cheap as possible over ebay (5 USD) and just keep tossing them as they go bad.  I helped a friend recently who got a bad one out of a brand new package.  Be nice if they fixed this issue, what a waste tossing them.  I just replaced one and this one failed in an interesting way Video worked, but no Audio worked,  like magic once i got a new one out of my stash no problem, up and running again!


    Do make sure that you have gone to your audio and video settings as you need to make sure you select the Audio HDMI from the output screen, and for Video you may need to click on the Detect All Displays button.  Otherwise there is no other magic in the MacBook Pro settings ....its more than likely a bad adapter.


    Hope this helps!

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    I have a 2011 MBP. I use a MOSHI  adapter thst has worked continuously for 6 months.

    The only problem I have is that it doesn't stream audi for my sharp equoe HDMI1.? adapter. I use opticle cable.

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    Sorry, i missed one thing.

    I believe the tht a 2010 MBP does not support audio over the MPA.How did you make this work?

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    My setup is  MacBook Pro purchased new Sept 2010.  I connect a MPA to HDMI to Sharp AQUOS.  In System Preferences I go to Audio and my computer has an option to select Sharp HDMI as Output.  Now this morning when I went to plug in to the TV I did not have sound nor did I see the Sharp HDMI as an option in the Output for devices.  I switched out my MPA and now the option is available, so it is the MPA.  Its great yours has lasted for 6 months!  Its also possible that there is something wrong with it if you have a MPB purchased after September 2010 (I purchased mine in the USA).  I researched the who MPA extensively when I first began using as I was so shocked that the device had such a short life.  Could be that yours has always had something wrong.  It might be worth the $5 to check it out.  Ciao

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    Thanks for your response, again. I have tried several other MPA HDMI adapters all with the same result.

    My TV is 4 years old, but also a SHARP EQUOS. I can drive it's audio successfully throught he same HDMI port from my PVR, DVD player abd camcorder, so that's working (sort of)

    Possibly the older moshi adapters stream the HDMI sound better (works).

    Interesting that your replacement MOSHI's work. Are they of this older variety.


    I have called APPLE who say its not their problem and MOSHI who say the same. My feeling is my problem IS 1) my TV is an early HDMI (1.1 I think) and APPLE which has only recently provided HDMI audi streaming via the MDP didn't get it right for early HDMI's.


    Good luck to you.



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    This solution worked for me Thanks. The connection I used is: 4853577?pt=UK_Computing_CablesConnectors_RL&hash=item4cf995b949.

    Its not the greatest of quality, not sure how long it will last but after working through the set up posted by Snug Blanket it worked perfectly.

    My set up: the latest macbook (white) and a Sony Bravia KDL 32EX403

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    You're very welcome,


    glad to be of assistance

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    If anyone is able to select HDMI from system preferences->sound but the sound still doesn't work, you might try looking at the inidividual program options. For instance, in VLC, you have to go to Audio->Audio Device->HDMI before VLC videos will play audio from your television. I changed the preferences in VLC and still had to restart the program before it worked properly, but it did work!

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    HDMI should show up as an option in the Preferences/Sound window. If you have selected it and are still getting no sound, usually with a "The selected device has no output control" message, the next step is to go to Audio Midi setup.


    Open Audio Midi setup from the Utilities folder. Go to Window/Show Audio Window to configure external speakers.


    Your HDMI connection should be in the list on the left. Select it and adjust the format settings.


    Most likely your TV is expecting a lower grade of audio. Default Mac setting is 96000 Hz. Try going down to 48000. You're probably OK at 2ch-24bit, but you can adjust that down too as you experiment to see what your TV expects.


    You will have no volume control from the Mac, but your TV volume control should work.

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    I have a newish MBP (bought Aug 2011 but had shipped with Snow Leopard, currently running Lion) and I bought a new 27" Samsung Syncmaster monitor that I can't get to play sound. I tried to follow your instructions, but when I go to System Preferences > Sound>Sound Effects tab, I don't get a choice for my monitor. The only choice I get is for the internal speakers of the MBP. It's the same on the middle 'Output' tab as well. The video is working fine.


    I am using 13.3 MBP with OS X 10.7.2, 27" Samsung Syncmaster SA550 monitor, and MDP-HDMI adapter.


    Any help would be great!

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    Read my post above yours. You need to adjust your settings in Audio Midi Setup (in the utilities folder).

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    I'm not able atm to hook up to my TV to be able to walk you exactly through the steps (working away from Home abroad) but first make sure that you follow my instructions for MIDI sound above, and that you can see your monitor in those dialog boxes. Then go through the instructions for sys pref > sound > sound effects. Finally log out and then log back in. If you still have no sound then its a tech call to apple or drop in at one of their shops I'm afraid.

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    This was so much help thank you very much!!!

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    Thank you so much!  You've saved the day!

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    amazing answer, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge...

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