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    Hello, I had a Mid 2009 15in Macbook Pro and only video goes through the hdmi port. I'm aware that my computer is too out dated for audio however I am very knowledgeable in the internal hardware of my Macbook (I have replaced battery, ram speed, harddrive etc.) Is it possible to install a new processor or hardware to make it work through the hdmi port? I'm aware that the audio cable works as well but I would prefer to fix this problem internally. Any help is greatly appericated thank you.

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    Posted on the previous page of this thread, by someone else:


    For those with older Mac models that don't support sound output through mini displayport, you can purchase the Mini Displayport Male | Thunderbolt® and USB Male/Toslink Audio to HDMI® Female Converting Adapter from to pass both audio and video through a single hdmi connector.


    "This adapter connects to a female Mini DisplayPort to provide video, a USB output to provide power, and includes a mini TOSlink to TOSlink cable to connect from the 3.5mm (1/8 inch) digital audio output of your compatible Mac® to the TOSlink input on the adapter in order to deliver true digital audio and video output to the adapter's female HDMI® port. All you need to add is a male to male HDMI® cable to connect from the adapter to your television and you're ready to view AND hear movies, games, or anything that's displayed on your Mac" from

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    Brand new macbook pro. CONSTANTLY has trouble sending audio through the HDMI on both of my TVs.


    Biggest piece of crap system i've ever owned. Basically just another case of "Apple refuses to play well with others"


    I'm sure you'll delete this post anyway. Feel my hatred for you before you do, though. And thank you for wasting my ******* money and time.

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    Are you managing to get sound even once on either TV ?


    If you are, if you then move to another tv you will have to go through the process each time that you change to a different TV. For a thorough walk through please read my post (I think it's on page 2 but not sure) above on this thread. If you still cannot get it to work you could try another cable (some are notoriously bad) or use your apple care options.

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    I fought hard to get signed into this forum just so I could say thank you to Slugblanket.  Your solution works perfectly.  And put an end to months of hassle.  I'd actually gotten to the point where I had reduced the amount of movies I rented through iTunes, and stopped watching movies on my TV all together, because as many people reported, the audio for the Moshi Mini adapter suddenly stopped working after about 9 months.


    SlugBlanket, it's people like you that help these companies stay profitable. I wanted to make sure I acknowledged your contributions.


    Thank you for your detailed instructions and your generosity.

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    Thank you so much for your kind words. Others on various forums have given me their knowledge freely and as a former Teacher I try to pass on my knowledge also. That said, it's still very nice to be appreciated ... enjoy those movies now

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    I have a sharp aquos LC-C6077UN. Tried to connect my macbook 4.1 (bought late 2008) to it. Used mini DVI to HDMI cable. Got video easily but no sound. Tried 3.5mm stereo male to dual RCA splitter cable as suggested. Did not work. Now this is the cable with one end that fits into the headphone jack on the mac while the other end red and white cables connect to tv. Found solution today. Yay! Need cable with 2 ends that look like the end that fits into macbook. It is called a 3.5mm tereo minijack cable, I believe. On my tv there is a single jack(hole) at the back for audio that is linked to the input for HDMI 6.So connect HDMI from macbook to input 6 on tv, connect single minijack cable from headphone jack on macbook to single audio jack behind tv, click on menu button on remote,go tooption setting and make sure PC Audio select is set to input 6(HDMI) with your HDMI cable from macbook connected to HDMI 6 and voila,(hopefully), you should have video AND sound.

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    Try going to System Preferences then Sound then Output.  You should see your TV listed as an HDMI connection.  Select it, and it should work.  Worked for me using Mid 2011 MacBook Air 11".


    Found the info on Moshi website:


    Best of luck.

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    I've heard back from Apple on the bug I filed on this.


    Not sure who's to blame here, but it sounds like more poor design from consumer-electronics vendors and stardard-setting bodies.


    There are two collections of display formats for monitors: Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) modes and DMT modes.  I can't find any definition of what DMT stands for.


    Audio over HDMI will only work in CEA modes.  You can find a list of these modes here:


    From the quick reading I've done, it seems that monitors might select DVI operation when in non-CEA modes, and DVI doesn't carry audio.  Of course, this is bad design, because who knows what resolutions future monitors may use.  And what about audio-only devices?  Most A/V receivers today have HDMI inputs, but don't have any "resolution": Why should they not extract audio from an HDMI stream regardless of resolution?


    The question for Apple is why audio-compatible modes aren't indicated in the Displays dialog.

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    Hello O wise one!


    Thanks heaps for the info regarding getting the output audio to my Samsung SmartTV.
    It worked a treat for everything apart from one, the audio that plays from my FIFA 12
    game still comes from my computer speakers, I personally think this has something
    to do with the games capabilities but would really
    like the sound to come out the tv speakers while playing.


    Considering your knowledge any assistance would be great.

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    This perfectly works for my MBP retina display! Thanks Johnny.




    Try going to System Preferences then Sound then Output.  You should see your TV listed as an HDMI connection.  Select it, and it should work.  Worked for me using Mid 2011 MacBook Air 11".


    Found the info on Moshi website:


    Best of luck.

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    Hmm, that's strange to say the least re: your FIFA game. I don't game on my mac so I can't even try to replicate your issue with an(y)other game. I would be sceptical about the issue being caused by your game however since I think any program is using the basic routines and system calls to the sound system to output sounds. When you hook the mac up using any HDMI cable, all that we are doing is telling the system to route sound along the cable in order for the next device to handle it i.e. your TV.


    Try this... play a movie or itunes music on your mac with the HDMI cable hooked up to the TV in the usual manner to ensure that sound is coming out of the TV. Once you are sure that all is fine, stop the movie / music and then start your FIFA game. If you then get sound from the FIFA game then all is well and you were just suffering a glitch. If you don't get sound, stop the FIFA game and immediately start to play the same movie/music and see if you get sound. If you do get sound then it's definately the game, if you don't then it's a mac system issue. You could also try logging out of your mac account and then logging back in before you start the FIFA game and see if that helps.


    I'd be interested in hearing if any of these solutions worked for you.





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    It might be your solution!


    first ill share my problem, maybe its the same as yours. my problem was i was not getting audio out to my tv. i changed the setting to output form Internet to my tv but it did not work.




    Applications>Utilities> Audio MIDI setup


    i selected the HDMI tab on the left side. my source was my Toshiba -TV


    under source there is a FORMAT tab with different options. i went down the list and tested each one. when i say down i mean from highest to lowest. to test each sound hit "configure speakers" then click on the "left front" be prepared to jump, it scared me the first time. after testing if you did not hear a sound click done, under the format tab select the next size down and test it until it works.


    this might change the setting for all HDMI TVs you plug in and some might be able to pick up the 96000.0 Hz.


    I hope this helps cuz it took me 2 nights to find info on the Internet and use some personal experimenting to figure this out

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    Just had this same problem (as OP)  with a 2011+ Macbook Pro (Lightning port).


    Excellent advice here to check Mac settings - all ok but no sound on a Panasonic TX-P42GT50B plasma TV with Panasonic soundbar using Display Port to HDMI cable that should carry audio.


    Turns out you have to plug the HDMI cable into the TV when it's off/ on standby.  Plugging it in when TV is on cuts all the sound off!  Maybe for other brands too???


    Now works fine when plugged into Macbook - computer prompts to switch sound to HDMI output - volume contolled through TV.  Sweet.  Just the video buffering now......

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    Of course mean Thunderbolt not Lightning!

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