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Recently sent my MacBook Pro (MBP) into the shop to get a new shell put on it. When it was returned, it appears I no longer have Safe Sleep functionality.

Prior to sending the MBP into the shop, if the battery ran low on power, I would receive the standard issue "plug-in to a power source" message. I would save my documents and continue to use the MBP unless, of course, power was readily available. If the battery drained to the point of entering "Safe Sleep" mode, the screen would immediately go black. When I finally plugged into a power source and hit the power button, the "restoring state" progress indicator would come on screen, and eventually I would be returned to the point I left off...consistent with:


*After New Shell:*
Since receiving the MBP back, if I let the battery drain to the point at which it should enter "Safe Sleep" mode, and plug in to a power source I lose the following:

1. State does not pick up where it left off. Essentially, the computer just shuts down - not enter safe sleep mode.

+After completing reboot (I have Mail, iCal, Safari, and iTunes launch automatically):+
1. Error message regarding clock, stating that the clock is incorrectly set and to correct: I have to open date & time preferences -> uncheck set date and time automatically -> set the correct time manually (as it seems to be set to the Unix time floor ca. 1969) -> save -> check set date and time automatically.

2. WiFi password lost: My home WiFi (AirPort Express) does not automatically sign in, I can either re-enter the password and have it save in Keychain again; or, if I can't remember the password, open keychain -> find the network -> display password -> enter admin password -> enter WiFi password into connection dialog - therefore, the password is still stored in keychain, just not being used.

3. Mail loses keychain passwords as well: When Mail launches it begins asking me for passwords to my email accounts (appears to be based on emails in my inbox) - after entering the passwords multiple times and check "remember password" every time -> force quit (or just quit if the password dialogs stop coming up) -> restart Mail.

4. Restart iCal and iTunes after connecting to WiFi.

5. Should be obvious, but want to make sure it is, any other applications I was using or documents I was editing are lost (no previous state information) - similar to shutting down completely (or hard reset).

Today when I tested the workflow again, I did receive the "battery maintenance" warning; however, that has since gone away.

Is this just me? Can anyone duplicate this problem?


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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