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My iPhone and my iPad do not agree on the time of day. I set them both up in the same time zone and reset both devices. The iPad thinks it is five minutes ahead of the phone. I believe the phone gets the time from the cell towers and the wifi iPad? Who knows where the time comes from... (or goes, for that matter)? Both are set to get the time automatically. How does the iPad get the currect time and do I have to manually control iy for it to be accurate? Both seemed to convert to standard time ok.

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    You can set the date and time from:

    Settings > General > Date & Time and then Time Zone and Set Date & Time.

    That way you can correct the time if it is off, and the iPad knows from the selected time zone when to switch from daylight savings to standard time...along with the time zone for the specified location.

    Set correctly initially, the iPad should keep the time pretty accurately. Not sure what would happen if you managed to some how succeed in completely draining the battery. If you follow the Apple battery conditioning/charging procedure you do not actually completely drain the battery. The unit auto shuts down at about 1% charge. That keeps certain info in memory.
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    My iPad does the same thing. It will keep the accurate time for a while, but at some point it jumps ahead 4-5 minutes. I reset the time this morning. We'll see how long it remains accurate.
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    My iPad does exactly the same thing. It's about five minutes ahead. Since it doesn't sync with the Apple servers, I can only reset the time function and hope that it keeps the proper time.

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    If you have a 3G iPad then all you need do to reset your time is to turn cellular ON momentarily; just about as soon as you see the bars and provider name appear you'll also see the time update. You don't need to have a plan in place for this to happen, don't need to be connected; as long as it sees a cell tower you're good.

    You can leave cellular on full-time if you feel the need for accurate time, but will pay a small penalty in battery life.
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    Thanks very much for the solution to a small - but really annoying - iPad issue.