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I want to extend my network to boost signal to parts of my house that are not reached by my Airport Extreme. I have read many of the posts in this forum and have it setup this way: extreme as "create a wireless network",the "allow this network to be extended" is checked and access control is not enabled. The radio mode is the first choice in the list (b/g compatible) because my understanding is that this mode allows older computers to access the network. The Airport Express is brand new (802.11n) and was setup to "extend a wireless network" and both devices are on the same channel. I initially set up the Express in the same room as the Extreme and according to Airport Utility both wireless devices are working and connected to the same network, but when I move the Express to the remote location my ipad for example still cannot pickup a strong network signal. The green light on the Express is on but how can I be sure that it is really extending the network signal? It seems that if it is extending the network then devices like the ipad and iphone should be showing a strong signal in their airport/wireless icon. Do I need to use a laptop and check the Airport ID of the device that it is actually acquiring the network from? I tried to set this up as a WDS but couldn't get it to work. Thank you for any advice and suggestions.

27inch quad core imac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Do I need to use a laptop and check the Airport ID of the device that it is actually acquiring the network from?

    Yes, that information would be useful.

    Keep in mind that the AirPort Express can only "extend" what it "receives". It does not boost the signal. It can only extend the bandwidth that it receives from the main router.

    Most users position the Express too far away from the main base station so that it does not have much of a signal to extend. Try locating the Express at a point that is about 1/2 to 2/3 the distance from the main router to the area that needs more coverage.

    iPad and iPhones tend to "remember" the main router, even when they are at a remote location near an extending device. That is something to do with the iPad and iPhone. They don't usually switch to another device with a stronger signal. That's not an AirPort Extreme or Expess issue. That's an iPad / iPhone issue.