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I am having problems with the trackpad on my daughter's MacBook 13" Mid 2009 model 5,2. Running 10.6.4 and Windows 7-64bits.

The trackpad in Window 7 is just all over the place. I mean that it is not accurate and jumps around making it really unpleasant to use. I have looked for updates and adjusted all the usual setting. Anyone got any Ideas.

The trackpad on my MacBook Pro is great in Windows 7 but the Macbook is no good

The magic mouse works great by setting up Windows first. Remove the mouse from Mac’s Bluetooth prier to setting up Windows and then set up the Mac side. Works great.

Another trick which is probably well know is to also create say a 5 GB partition formatted to MS-DOS(FAT) and us it as go-between from Mac to Windows or Windows to Mac. I call it my Post Box.

Anyway if anyone has an idea on the MacBook trackpad that would be great.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.5 GHz Inel Core 2 Due 4GB memery