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I was wondering if there was any kind of itunes account for families. Something that might allow a family to set up 1 main iTunes account that provides, say, 5 'sub' accounts, allowing each member of the family to log into the iTunes store with a unique username.

Thus allowing a bit more leeway in terms of:

Each user having their own Mac OS Account, and iTunes library, yet having access to the other sub account holders iTunes Libraries, including purchased / copy protected content.

iTunes (Audible account?) registered devices being iTunes 'sub' account based, because each family member might have an iPhone and an Apple TV, for example. Thus, for the average family, exceeding the maximum of 5 devices imposed by average iTunes (Audible?) account.

The allowance of DRM / copy protected iTunes purchased content to be shared amongst family members, or 'sub' account holders devices.

Support for imposing restrictions on sub account purchaces, administered by the main account holder (we can already restrict shich iTunes content is shared, which is cool).

I know of not the first to dream of such things, but it's getting more relavent with the Apple TV.

Any thoughts etc, Regards,