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okay so my Iphone died one day and i have tried charging it with every possible cord, dock, outlet, laptop everything and it wont charge or show the red battery and lightning bolt. My mac wont recognize it nor will itunes but if i hold the home key and power buttons long enough when i plug it into my laptop it shows a usb cord and the itunes logo but itunes isnt seeing it on the computer. other than this it will only show the silver apple logo and then shut off. ive tried everything i tried restoring it, reseting it, everything and no luck. does this mean i will need a new battery or phone? that would suck, i have numbers and texts and photos and $1000 worth of itunes on there that isnt backed up due to i just got my laptop and if i lose it im screwed. very important data on there. help???

and btw, apple said im not under warranty on the expresslane thing but when i got my phone through telus it said i have the 1 year apple care protection plan!!! i paid for it there!!! and i havent even had it a year yet. so ***?

17" Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)