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I can delete mail from the iPad, but how do I retrieve mail from the trash? The trash icon is grayed out.
Also, spell check. How does that work on the iPad?

Thank you.

iMac iPad, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    To get to the trash, hold the iPad in the landscape, horizontal, position...on the sidebar on the left, tap mailboxes at the top, then in the list tap Trash. You can get access to all deleted mail that way, unless you have done this, gone to the trash, but then tap edit, and delete all. Then they are gone.
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    Ralph, you can access the mailboxes button on the portrait mode too! Just click on the "Inbox" button at the top bar...

    The speel check works on the iPad using word suggestions while you type. You can check out this info on iPad's user guide. Check under Settings :P!
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    I know, but I always us landscape mode because the sidebar stays active and makes it faster to move around. Just don't even think of working in Mail in protrait mode anymore.

    Thanks for the reminder.
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    Hi Ralph I do this and not all of my deleted emails are in the trash anymore and for some reason (i've got 2 email addresses on the iPad) one of the email addresses doesn't seem to store any emails for more than a day, let alone in the trash can. If I go to the trash from one account it automatically puts whatever email I was last looking at in the trash and I'm scared to touch the icons anymore

    I lost an important article I am supposed to put in a newsletter like yesterday, and I cant get the person to resend to me because they are wandering the Australian outback and have no phone/email reception..my day is going from bad to worse ...
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    Well I tried the methods above but none worked I guess it is because of the new iOS 5 not sure but did not work for me at all and I have iPad 1. On the other hand for those interested, what worked is that you got to make sure you on the starting page meaning tapping until you reach all inboxes at top left corner of the screen. Once on the home screen. There will be 2 groups Inboxes and Accounts. Go to accounts and tap the one you wish to retrieve from for example xyz@apple.com then this will take you to the another home screen for this account with all the folders in there. Tap the trash, bin, etc names will vary according to the hosting email client (yahoo, hotmail, etc) to retrieve. If you have moved the email into another folder...you will have to browse each folder until you got it back.


    CAUTION: for each account you will have to set up the settings that each time you delete a message, it goes to the corresponding trash/bin for this account. Usually this will be set automatically, if in Mail desktop it is provided that you have not changed the settings whilst setting up your email accounts. When you sync with iTunes Desktop settings will be applied automatically on iPad and you just have to sit back whilst waiting for iTunes to work for you on this one. If you have changed your settings then you will have to make sure that the correct settings are applied for each accounts by going to settings-mail,contacts, calendars and accounts the repeat for each account! For more safety and peace of mind I advise backing up your mail accounts to iCloud which is made simple on iOS 5 and OS X Mountain Lion Good luck!