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The other day I did a sync and afterward in the phone tab, all my Favorites and Recents are displaying numbers and NOT the names of my contacts as they had always done before.

Further, if I click on the "Contacts" tab, there are only 10 contacts listed when before there were several hundred!

This was just a sync, no software update. I have tried several troubleshooting steps including:
1. Checked my Yahoo account online to make sure all contact info still exists there, it does.
2. Re-entered my Yahoo credentials in iTunes to make sure contact info was syncing. It accepted credentials as expected.
3. I restored my iPhone using the latest backup (from a few days prior) with no luck.
4. I restored my iPhone from a backup several months ago (July) and my contact names were back...but all my music, apps, photos, video, etc. was gone so I restored back to the most recent backup.
5. I then imported all my Yahoo contacts into my Gmail account and then added my Gmail account to the phone in the hope that it would grab the contact names. Nope.

So now I'm stuck and looking for assistance from anyone who can offer my advice on what else I may try if anything. This seems to be a reoccurring issue with Yahoo contacts on the forums here as of late with different people experiencing slightly different behavior (like me having all numbers but missing names and other people having names but no numbers).

What's going Yahoo? What's going on Apple?

What's the fix, or at least a workaround???

iOS 4