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    This has happened twice to me as well.  Today I talked to tech support, he suggested a few things to restore them but nothing worked.  He then told me it was happening because I had an "old version" and suggested I upgrade to 6.1.3 but said that my contacts were gone for good (apologetically).  I upgraded to 6.3.1 reluctantly but now all of my contacts/addresses etc are back.  We'll see how long it last. 

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    I just got back from the Verizon store and the guy went to my settings and under each email, unsynced my contacts. I lost all my contacts, and it's a good thing I had a typed up a back up file on my computer before going but to my joy- IT WORKED! It's been a week and all my contacts haven't moved and have stayed. It's like a regular phone (contact wise).

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    Very helpful Wordpress Link. Also I went through the other thread on similar subject and wrote about similar conclusions -


    pdroth wrote:


    Not having same problem, but rememer reading about this a while ago.   Dug up the article - hope it helps someone out:


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    Has anyone actually heard back from any Apple employee regarding this? I went into one of the stores and my 5 year old nephew knows more about the iPhone than the "geek squad" there.

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    See my reply on page 12. So far, I have not encountered the problem again. If you haven't previously "backed up" your iPhone, you may be in a bit of trouble.

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    This happened to me today. after trying out different things on my phone then i realised it was connected to icloud and my hotmail account which was connected to my icloud was prompting me to re-enter my password but i kept ignoring it.


    I eventually went to my hotmail account online and changed my password then went into my mail account on my iphone 5 settings, changed the hotmail password on there and my contacts reappeared.

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    i think tge camrls back has officially been broken


    Samsung galaxy

    here i come

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    Happened to me Friday night, spent 2 nights to try to restore the contacts from my last backup and upgraded to iOS 6.1.3. (was running 5.1.1). (Don't have enough free space on my notebook was also frustrating because iTunes create an additional backup file when you do restore!, I needed 60GB to hold the 3 different backup files each about 20GB for my 32GB iphone to complete the task)


    I think the whole problem of disappearing Contact is related to the Facebook app which caused a disable contact sync action which will delete all contacts in the iphone for whatever reason. It usually happens when the Facebook apps or other messenger apps such as Whatsapp crashes. I recommend not to install the Facebook apps on iOS 5.x if you have WhatsApp also installed. (iOS 6.1.3 has Facebook support buildin whereas 5.x does not. Also iOS 6 added authorization before the apps can access the address database on the iphone which might have prevented this from happening)


    Here's what I did to just recover the contact database from my last backup without losing all my latest messages and photos. (I did not sync my contact list to iCloud nor my notebook Outlook which I regretted, luckily I did a full backup a month earlier)


    1. Use iBackupBot trial version to export the address database from the last backup.




    2. Move the last backup folder to another location (This one with contact database)

    3. Use iTunes to do a full backup of your iphone. This backup will have an empty contact (AddressBook) database

    4. Use iBackupBot to import and replace the 2 previous AddressBook database file exported in Step 1 to the current backup

    5. Upgrade the iphone to the latest iOS firmware

    6. Restore the latest backup back to the iphone


    If you buy the full version of iBackupBot, its much simpler, just resync the contacts in the software back to the iphone from the last backup. The trial version does not restore anything you did on the PC to the iphone


    In case you have lots of photos and videos and the backup process prevented you from restoring because not enough space in iphone, you can go to the iphone directly on your desktop and delete all photos from the iphone first before you restore.

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    I have the same phone - now on the OS 6.1.3 and have plenty of memory on the phone.  I have two contacts who disappeared from both the phone and from Outlook due to something that threw a wing-ding into the contacts on the phone.  These contacts are used across various email accounts that are on the phone via imaps, but both have noted information that has gone missing.  This is not just annoying, it is unacceptable.  I have to be able to keep contacts synced across multiple emails and particularly there for phone calls and address lookups, etc.  In this case, in order to restore these two, it costs me literally 2 hours of aggravation - two hours that in terms of cost of time = 1 new Galaxy or 1 new iPhone 5 - neither of which ought to have any place in my current purchase plans...  Apple - wake up and solve this bloody issue before your lose further credibility.

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    First - correction of the last sentence - '... before you lose credibility.' {least I lose it myself! }

    Second, I wanted to note that I was taking advantage of the ability of creating Groups that is available on the iPhone 4S and 5, which in my mind ought not create any problems - the segregation is a great help, but if it means losing contacts I rather go back to ungrouped contacts.  It really would be great if somebody from Apple would look in here and add a bit of advice to what is clearly a thorny issue where their expertise could help us make good decisions on how to backup as well as protect ourselves from disappearing contacts.  One note previously from ima.charmer indicated that an Apple Rep "unsynced" the contacts from the emails.  On the iPhone 4S I don't see an option to execute that suggestion.  In any case please keep posting here any additional advice to get us working without the need to leave the world of Apple.

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    This worked for me. I use gmail and all of my contacts appeared on it. After several hours spent in talking to apple representatives, I was transferred to a head-position holder and he said the problem came from gmail. Sure enough, I went on gmail, clicked the MORE tab, then RESTORE CONTACTS, and restore from a date before the problem occured. As the ocntacts appeared back on my email, they came back to my phone as well.

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    This is an iCloud problem. Periodically, my whole list of contacts just disappears. There seems to be no one single thing that triggers it. The contacts do seem to remain in memory. This is what I do to restore the list. Since I am not using iCloud, it is normally disabled. Go to settings, general, iCloud. Select contacts, and turn it on. Then, turn it off again, and when system gives you a choice, select keep contacts on iPad. You should now be able to access your lost contacts. This has happened three times in the last couple of months, and each time I was able to recover the contact list without restoring from my desktop computer.

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    Just happened to me as well (iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1, using iCloud). As soon as i received a message, the phone rebooted and my contacts were all gone.

    Fortunately for me, I just had to re-sync contacts (upper-left button in Contacts) in order to have them back. No deletion on iCloud.

    Anyway, now the option for me to save contacts on the iPhone (as a data source) is available again. It had disappeared by the time I had connected the device to iCloud, but now it appeared again, and I can't find a way to disable this.

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    I have an iPhone 4S, and over the last few days my contacts have been slowly and randomly disappearing.


    They appear in my 'recents' but not in my main contacts list. I've synced my phone to my PC and it's made no difference.


    Oddly enough, I don't even have the facility to edit what contacts are left.


    Can anyone help ?

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    Excellent suggestion from Stn3 above.


    Switched off my contacts in iCloud and they all came back.



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