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    My wife's iphone just did the same thing.  Sorry to pile on; but I updated to OS 6.1.3, didn't help.  Sync'd the phone, and as someone pointed out; this was the wrong thing to do. No contacts on the iMac or phone.


    I bought all Apple products because I was sick of the Windows mess; spending hours maintaining my technology products.  Deja Vu all over again.  

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    Simple fix for most of these problems!!!!


    Open "Contacts."


    Press "Groups" button.


    Select Show "All Contacts."


    There you go!

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    Go to Settings; then go to mail, contacts, calenders; then go to wherever your contacts are (iCloud is where mine are), turn off contacts, then select keep on phone; then wait a second, turn it back on and select merge. Your contacts should be back! Hope this helped!


    Thank you so much!  It worked.  I turned off iCloud as soon as the contacts reappeared so this won't happen again!

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    When I went into the Contacts I saw it was completely empty.


    I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that you received the txt message. In 2010, when this question was asked, there wasn't a solution, unless you had a backup. Without a backup, you'd be screwed.


    Later on, several companies appeared, that could recover deleted iPhone contacts etc. Here's an example: Get your lost iPhone Contacts. I don't have personal experience with this, but I do know it's possible. You said, the numbers were still visible somehow? OK, that's weird, but another thing you can do is:


    - Call all numbers and explain the situation


    It's a big hassle, but hey, it all depends on how important your contacts were to you.


    Furthermore, always keep a paper written record of your most important contacts.

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    This same thing happened to my wife, contacts lost that is.  We were getting ready to move her to a new phone after 3 months of trying everything including multiple restores.  Her phone eventually started locking into some weird mode so I did a hard reboot by holding power and home button in until the phone reset.  After that, I went in to look at the notification services that were running under settings.  Lo and behold, she had more than 20 notification services running from programs like "space blaster" and other such apps.  Left the notifications on for Facebook, Mail, etc that are fairly robust and supported apps but disabled all the other questionionable ones.  I reset the phone using the power button only this time and when the phone came back up all her contacts were back and she could see who sent what text for the past 3 months.  Gained another couple months of use out of the phone until she's ready to upgrade again but not sure if we're going to go the iphone route on the upgrade.  Cheers and hope this works for you.

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    I think this problem occur because of facebook app, you need to disconnect your Facebook from your contact. that what happen to me and never again after I disconnect them both.

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    What if you lost contacts on iPhone? Follow this tutorial to get all your lost my iphone contacts back.

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    i had the same issue but i didnt even have numbers my contact list was completely empty, however i knew the contacts where still there because when i went into recent calls it still had names etc.. what i did to fix this was i went into settings>icloud> and then turned of syncing my contacts to icloud and selected to keep the previously synced contacts on my phone, i went back into contacts and all my contacts had reappeared hope this helps

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    I don't know where you found a Groups button, I don't have one.


    As with everyone else posting here I lost my contacts on my IPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1, this appeared to have happened after I received a text message.  I first noticed something was wrong when I went to my favorites and the names were no longer there just phone numbers.  Unfortunetly I only had my home, my wife and my mom saved there.  Some time back I had changed my backup from my computer to the Cloud but for some reason I have nothing selected to back up there so turning that off on on doesn't do me any good.


    I have spent tonight reading through the 14 pages of everyone posting this problem since March and not once has anyone from Apple offered anything to the community for this problem.  Makes me thing that maybe Android or Windows may not be that bad.  If I am going to have to start over might as well start over with a new phone.

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    This has happened to me twice. The most recent was a couple minutes ago and I am on iOS 7.0.


    What I found happened - not sure why, but Contacts under Settings\Mail,Contacts,Calendars\iCloud and Settings\Mail,Contacts,Calendars\Work had turned off somehow.


    I turned them back on and voila! My contacts re-appeared on all my text messages!



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    Didn't work.

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    Thanks, I followed your instructions and easily fixed the problem, plus I got rid of those pesky Facebook contacts, too!


    Open "Contacts."


    Press "Groups" button.


    Select Show "All Contacts"  (and unselect "Facebook Contacts")


    There you go!

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    This just happened to me where I received a phone call from a number I know was in my contacts but it had no name. When I was done with the call I checked and all my contacts were gone but my favorites were still intact.  I did some researching on here and none of these tips helped.  I have an IPhone 4 with the new upgrade of IOS 7.

    I figured I better start adding the contacts for the ppl I had in my favorites. By the time I had picked a photo for my 2nd contact, all my contacts were restored. I don't know how or why but that is what worked for me.  Good luck!

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    I just had a similar situation. I had just showed a coworker a picture that came in as an iMessage, put my phone down on my desk. 5 minutes later I received another iMessage from a contact that was saved in my contacts but there was no name associated with the number, hence it displayed the phone number rather than the name. I viewed the main text message screen & there were no names associated with every message, only phone numbers. I went to Contacts & it displayed 'No Results'. I went to my Mail. I do have multiple email accounts setup on my phone including my corporate Exchange account. When I went to that exchange account to view my email, it displayed 'No Mail'. All other pop accounts had mail visible. About 1 minute later, all the email in the exchange acct started to display. I went check Contacts again & all my contacts were back. I did notice that after this happened it cleared the custom ringtones & text tones that I had setup for individual people. Very strange.

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    I had the same problem,


    I have a 4s running on IOS7, I'm not happy with the update for many reasons but this was the most concerning! I updated the iOS last week and then updated all my apps yesterday, all my contacts where there even first thing this morning, then at some point they vanished, so I did some searching and came across this thread, with it offering very little help and many complaints undecided to look elsewhere and came across something interesting...


    I just read something that said to go into the contacts app icon from your home screen, then click on groups, then click on hide contacts, it then changes to show contacts, click that again they should re appear...


    I did all of that and low and behold they all appeared again!!


    Good luck! :)