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    I had just tried what you describe here and it didn't work. That was before I read this. AFTER reading your post I decide to give it another shot and IT WORKED!! IDK if I did something slightly different the 2nd time, but ur description did the trick :)

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    Please help me out. i lost all my contacts. actually my apps were not working so what i did, i installed new app and then all my apps started working again and then i restarted my phone. after that i was about to call my friend. but when i saw my contact list, it showed no contacts. i really need my contacts back. and yeah there is no backup in my pc. is there any way to get them back...


    iPhone suckkkksssss....huh.. going to buy samsung android..

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    This just happened to me. I haven't backed up in a while and thought all my contacts were lost. I saw that the contacts were turned off in icloud. I went to and signed in, my contacts were all still there. I turned on the contacts button on my phone, and then it asked to merge contacts with iCloud, so I clicked merged and all the contacts reappeared. Hope this helps anyone!

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    This happened to me today....however not only were my contacts lost, they were replaced with 7 or 8 contacts of people I have never heard of...complete with local phone numbers. I have tried restore, bacup, etc.  took it to best buy where i bought it and the geek squad was dumbfounded to the point they ordered me a new phone.

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    I've just had this happen. I sent a text at 11:28pm (AESDT) last night and Contacts was fine, then at 8:51am all my contacts were gone from my phone (iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.2). I didn't do anything with my phone between those hours other than put it on charge next to me. All my contacts still exist on my iMac and on my account on I've tried turning iCloud off and on again on my phone, and tried refreshing contacts on but still no joy. I've tried a couple of tips from this thread but nothing has worked. I'm reluctant to restore from backup as my last one was a month ago. There must be a way to get my iCloud contacts to talk to my phone without having to do a backup. They still exist, they're just not showing up on my phone. Any ideas?


    ETA Correction, I'm running previous iOS, updating to 7.0.3 now. Will see if that makes a difference.

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    Okay, after the software update they were still gone. However, I tried again to switch contacts off and on again over iCloud (in Settings in my phone). This time I was given an option to Keep or Delete contacts so I selected Keep. They turned up. Well, most of them. I had to drag some over from my Mac to my iCloud Contacts using Address Book. Those contacts haven't synched to my phone yet.

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    I used this and it worked for me also.  Thanks:)

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    If it helps anyone, I had to go into icloud and turn off contacts, reboot the phone, then go back into icloud and turn them on before this worked for me.  This thread was very helpful, and I thank you all.

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    Same thing happened here. I held down the on/off and the home buttons for a soft boot but it didn't help.  Oddly, as soon as I reenntered a phone number back into contacts my entire contact list magically reappeared.  Don't know if it's a fluke or what but the list is back.

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    I upgraded this morning had no problems before with my 4s then after it restart NO contacts tried an older backup but they keep going ? Not downloaded any new apps lately so not sure it is a virus more like the people doing the new software did not try it on all phones. I don't use faceboot at all dont even have an account so it is not that. I had to put the contacts back manuallly probably losing a few so now will get calls from i don't know who and message that i have to ask "who are you"

    Oh thank you apple

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    Just saying thanks!  Today all my contact disappeared.  Just a normal day.  All other info was still listed.  Followed your steps and Volla!

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    I had the same problem.  I hadn't backed up my phone in a while and so I was worried I would lose a lot of recent data.  However I did this and somehow it helped. 


    I went to a recent call and clicked on a number that was there.  I then went to add the number to my contact last.  I first tired to add to an existing contact and I noticed that a lot of my contacts were there but not all.  The contact I was trying to add, was not there, so I added new contact.  After doing that, all of my contacts started coming back one by one. 


    I hope this is not confusing and that every single one of you get your contacts back.  Its a scary and frustrating problem. 

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    So oddly after trying to find out what makes your contacts appear then disappear, I still have no luck. However they did disappear and come back again. I basically did the iCloud backup, power cycled my phone, went to my contact list and then back to my text messages and all the contacts appeared.


    I swear this is very odd and if apple really cares about it's customers, they should try a little more quickly to resolve this. I'm getting update notifications which seem to be doing more harm than good. Please fix this!!

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    This has been happening to me more and more frequently - PLUS - it erases the contact from my yahoo contacts as well!!!  I've randomly lost contacts on my phone and in my mail contacts that I've had since before iPhone was a twinkle in Steve Jobs eye. Can't do this much longer, Might have to go Galaxy if this continues. There must be a fix.

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    I just found a contact and texted her and when she replied only her phone number showed up and all of her contact information has been erased from my phone AND my address book.....