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    Well, I've just got my iMac fixed after over a year and I will restore all my contacts through that. At the moment they are in my hotmail so that is safe too. I am yet to key in anything directly on the phone ever since..Once I have sorted out my contacts I will try playing around with the icloud and everythings else without worry..


    Got a new 4S about 6 weeks ago as replacement for the one I bought in March, seems to give some kind of problem too call dropping, hanging now and then, hopefully it was the os6. Updated it now and so far so good...Man, had problems with Ipad too in less than 4 months got a replacement about two weeks ago and still giving problems. need to take it back to get that fixed or replaced! It seems the quality standard put in is dropping or I may be having the bad apples..



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    Same here, contacts keep dissappearing for quite a while now. It's getting very annoying. I sync contacts with Yahoo, no use of Icloud.  Apple, do something about this, please!

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    I figured it out for my iPhone.  My situation was this, I have Gmail and Yahoo on my phone.  My Yahoo had contacts, my gmail did not.  I noticed that all of my contacts that would "disappear" were in my Yahoo mail contacts when I logged into my PC.  I never added them to Yahoo, I added them through my contacts on my iPhone, but somehow they were in my Yahoo contacts on not on my phone.  I deleted my Yahoo account from my iPhone and reentered all of my contacts that had disappeared from my iPhone back from my Yahoo contact list off of my PC.  I then added Yahoo mail back to my iPhone, but didn't enable contacts.  I hope this helps.

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    Hi there,


    I was wondering if anyone could help as I have come to my wits end!


    A few weeks ago I dropped my iphone and it the screen stopped working completely. I could still here the shutter noise whilst holding the relevant buttons so I did a hard reset and boom working phone I noticed however in my messages there where no names only +44 numbers so i checked my contacts and they had ALL dissapeared. Now if i search a name in spotight who appears in my sms list it comes up with there name ?? Now i have not being signed into icloud for over 6 months and when i do try its says i have had the maximum amounts of icloud accounts. Now i cannot use my mac to fix the isue because i have broken it I went into the shop where i bought my handset brand new and he advised me to update to the new ios 6.1 which i have but still no contacts......please someone help !

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    Don't store anything in the iCloud except your calendar entries. I kept losing contacts when stored in the iCloud. If you turn that off and resynch your phone on the primary computer you sink with, you might get them all back.

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    I got to this forum page because I'm having the same issue. I had just updated about 20 apps and about an hour later, my husband texted me and they all were lost.


    I have a few people that have multiple numbers and when I went to resave one after losing my contacts, I saved the new contact. So then I went to the next number for that same person, went to save it under the new contact. Her old contact popped up. So it shows as two different threads in my text messages now and loads to two different contacts - only from the text thread though. I can only see the new one in my contacts list.

    And... one contact has an old firmware look, and the other contact has a new look.


    Someone had mentioned they thought the contacts were still there but just wouldn't view, and I'd have to agree. The other thing is that I have a friend that I'd never assigned a photo to, and now her photo is a photo of my aunt. *** Apple? You're slipping!!!!


    It does seem to have been initiated by receiving the text... And I did update 20 some apps so I could see that being a factor somehow... I did not change my Apple software update though.


    I have emoji though and it was not one I updated, I will see if removing that helps...

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    I am really lucky. 


    I have never had a problem with my iPhone until today!!  A few apps started acting strange wouldn't open up (E-Bay & Faceache), so turned off phone & turned back on again.  Tested the apps all worked fine.  1 hour later i get a text & notice that it hasn't come from a stranger but someone who is a contact.  I'm in a shop no where near a PC when i discover the full extent of this as check my contacts & there is not 1 contact listed - oh s&*^e is my 1st thought, oh double s&^*e is my 2nd thought.


    I ain't so lucky now!! 


    i thought i will back up phone to the back up it did on 22.2.13 when i get it connected to PC, i get home i plug my iphone into the PC & it does auto back up & sync despite my efforts to stop it - that doesn't work.  Thought i would delete that backup & went ahead & did that.  So now i have a back up of no contacts which means i have no contacts.  I don't use iCloud - never have nor do i use MobileMe its a trust thing, i don't put my contacts in Exchange or Yahoo, again a trust thing.


    I have trawled the WWW for hours & found 3 different programmes that can find old backups, installed them but GUESS WHAT?  No they bleeding can't!!! 


    I have an iphone 4s, on version 5.1.1 (refuse to upgrade to version 6), on a windows 7 PC


    APPLE, APPLE, APPLE - come on, its time to respond with a FIX/SOLUTION


    So while i wait (i'm not holiding my breath, this is an old discussion), can i import my contacts from my sim card again & then work out the rest again from text & emails?  Painful i know but i am willing to do it


    Any other suggestions would be gratefully received


    Cheers, Hacked Off of London

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    I ended up synching from iCloud which I used once a long time ago... so I got my old contacts back from like 2011. That really does not help in fact in 2011 I was hoping to delete my contacts but there is no easy way to do that unless you don't want it to happen apparently.


    So I'm just facing the fact that all of the new contacts (a lot) I've added in the past year or so are gone. Well... In hiding - I am convinced they are still there. Not sure about updating from SIM card. I did see that option but it scared me. I guess I should be grateful I got some of them back. Facebook was one that I had just updated... Ugh.  Good luck, I've heard that so many people have to have the same issue before they consider it a bug... Well their list is growing!!

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    Yes they are there somewhere, i totally agree because if i swipe left of the home screen & then type the letter S in the search bar then it shows texts from the contacts that were saved under S (not all of them) & when i go into the text, there is no name, just the number.


    Have tried to do import from SIM but there is nothing there - AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH


    Triple s&*^e :-(

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    Today I just ran into the same problem. I was trying to open my message and the app kept closing like 3 times, so I turned my phone of and when I went to my message no names were there. I've never backed my phone up so idk what to do. Any suggestions?

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    This problem was the last drop that made me ditch the iPhone and go for Android. Ever since I started using Android and syncing all data to Google account I had no problems with contacts or calendars. All the data stays in tact when upgrading phone software and switching from one phone to another.

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    Exactly same thing happened to me last night...any fixes?

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    HELP!!!  I was trying to open my message and the app kept closing like 3 times, so I turned my phone of and when I went to my message no names were there. I've never backed my phone up so idk what to do. Any suggestions?

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    This just happened to me. Apps kept closing last night, so I turned my phone off and turned it back on, and now this morning all my contacts are gone. I don't use iCloud or any syncing. What's going on?

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    I didn't read through the whole thread but I have seen someone uninstaled Emoji and it brought the contacts back. I tried that with no luck. I had just updated like 20 some apps so I'm blaming that.

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