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    i'm having the exact same issues. was running version 5 software still on my iphone 4, don't use icloud or anything and rarely sync it to itunes on a pc. noticed that apps were crashing over the past few days, turned the power off & back on today and then after receiving a text from my wife just about all of my contacts disappeared, including hers. the only contacts remaining are ones that were somehow assigned to my work email account. all of my other contacts that were just on my phone are gone. i updated my phone to version 6 software but the contacts did not come back.


    none of these supposed other fixes in this thread are working for me. hopefully there's a way to get them back, the randomness of how it just happened is the most frustrating part beyond well, actually losing all of the contact information.

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    Pretty much the same thing happened to me.  I am hoping someone has a fix for this too.

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    Friday 01 March 2013, received a text message this morning, contacts gone. Don't use icloud, mobile me or any email contact lists. I just save the contacts straight to the phone. Last back-up would have been mid Jan. Still running ios 5.1.1, don't want to update.


    This is not a minor inconvenience. Losing a contact list is a big deal.


    Is apple going to address this?

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    My wife's iPhone 4S experienced this exact issue: she received a SMS and then all her contacts are gone. We tried a few of the fixes in this thread with no luck. If we search a contact name, it brings up old text message threads with the contact name in the search results, but if you go to that text thread, only the phone number remains. The only thing she did differently (earlier today) was update about a dozen apps. If I had to guess, I'd say this is caused by an update to a common app a lot of people have - like Facebook or Pinterest -or- an iMessage vs SMS data exchange conflict, my wife recently switched her messages from iMessage back to regular SMS.


    Like many in this thread, we haven't recently synced and don't use iCloud. If Apple is reading this, iOS version was 5.1.1


    We all should have synced/ backed everything up more frequently, sure, we'd all be in the same situation if phone was dropped into water or stolen... but this seems to be a very specific glitch and ongoing issue for over a year. Help Apple, help!

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    Same thing happened to me last night.  IPhone 4, AT&T 5.1.1 not syncing with iCloud.  Got a text message - attempted to open it and the messaging app crashed.  Tried 2 more times but the app kept crashing.  Rebooted the phone and then I could open the messaging app but all my contacts are gone.  Everything else is there.


    Anyone able to get them back by taking it to an AT&T store?

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    spent most of last night trying to recover my contacts to no avail. no available backup in itunes or verizon backup assistant. decided to manually re-enter everyone that i could find through my wife's contacts and some other family members. there's a good amount of people though that i'm sure i'll never get back, like friends from college and some work contacts. not people i talk to every day but it ***** to lose their contact info for no reason. i'm not even 100% sure who i've lost or not as there's not a way for me to double check everything & i'm just going off of memory.


    since i started re-entering my contacts i've since created a backup in itunes and have been using verzion backup assistant. hopefully this won't happen again & i'm not counting on apple to do anything about it.

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    Just happened to me too!  I updated a few apps and now my contacts are all gone!  Based on the most recent responses, I am thinking that a common app update would be to blame and one that has access to your contacts. I think the only app I updated that would fit that is Facebook.  Anyone else?  I got an older version of them back by turning off iCloud contacts syncing and choosing "Keep Contacts".  It's not current, but at least its better than nothing.

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    I've got the same problem too. Yesterday I had problems with an app crashing so restarted my phone and this morning I found that all my contacts are gone.


    For some reason my iCloud was set not to synch contacts and I don't think I have a backup on my laptop as I'm very wary of itunes after it's been known to wipe everything on my ipod in the past.


    Like others who've posted I'm still on iOS 5.1.1.

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    The exact same thing happened to me!!!!  I woke up at 2 am to find my phone repeatedly crashing.  When I was able to turn it back on everything was there and current EXCEPT ALL MY CONTACTS ARE GONE!!!!!!  I don't use iCloud and my last backup aparently was December 2011.  I am not sure what to do.  I don't want to lose all my other info from the last year.  I just want my contacts back.


    Glad to hear I am not the only one but wish I could fix it.  Been searching all day for a fix.

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    Same thing happened to me.. Went to bed. Woke up tired opening text app and it kept crashing. Everything else worked fine. Turned the phone off and on with the two buttons and pouf no more contacts. Don't use ICloud either contacts are supposed to be kept on the phone anyways. Iphone 4 still on version 5.1.1.

    Really tired of this apple crap with the syncing and delivering sub par products and everything. Switching to Android as soon as Samsung S4 comes out

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    Exactly the same on my wife's iPhone 4. iOS 5.1.1. All contacts were supposedly to be synced to iCloud as well. Not impressed Apple. Not impressed.

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    That's at least 3 people including myself that had recently uploaded Facebook that it happened to.

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    This happened to me today to. I didn't notice any crashing, but all of my contacts were mysteriously gone today. I haven't turned my phone off or updated anything in several days. This is infuriating.

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    All those above, can we have a look at where the contacts are being saved to please.


    Head to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Contacts>Default Account


    What is this saying for the people experiencing this issue?

    Are they being saved to an email account perhaps?

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