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Four hours down the drain! Darn, I decided to finally learn how to organize my apps into folders and do it right. Instead I spent four hours and must have got it wrong.

I opened iTunes on my MacBook with my iPhone attached. Then clicked on the iPhone in the left side list of my iTunes. Then clicked on apps which brought up a nice page with all my iPhone apps listed in one window on the left and all the pages of the apps that are on my iPhone in the window on the right. So far this is what I think the User Manual and Help said to do.

At that point I created new folders by dragging one app over another. For example, I would find a photography app and drag it onto another photography app. That automatically created a folder with the name photography. Just what I wanted. I then looked for more photography apps and dragged them to the folder.

This is not too easy because I had eight pages of apps. At first, I would grab an app on a page and drag it to where I knew the corresponding folder would be and put it into the folder.

Later I found another way was to use the list of my apps on the right to put them in apps.

In the end, from what appeared on the screen, it seemed to me that most of my apps were in folders and the folders were either on page one, two, or three. At that point I thought that I should sync the MacBook with the iPhone, I believe, and did so.

When the sync was finished I took the iPhone off the computer and looked at it. NONE of the folders I created, nor the organization into folders of the apps were on my iPhone!

Obviously, I did something wrong since the same mess was on the iPhone as before, with apps all over the place and impossible to locate without taking too much time. This after four hours of work looking at a 13 in. laptop screen!

What I hope is that someone smarter than me will look at what I did and tell me where I went wrong.

I want the apps on the iPhone to be organized into logical folders so it is easier to find them. Something along the lines of a good database, you know?

Thank you for reading to the end of this question,

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    When I upgraded to IOS 4.0 I had over 11 pages of apps and had to search by name to open some apps as they were on "page 12".
    I dragged similar apps like photography onto each other and named the folders on the iPhone, not the computer. When I was finished and had them fine tuned like I wanted them I synched to my computer. After that, each time I synch, the iPhone folders change the computer folders to match.
    It would be easier on a computer screen, but the iPhone seems to have preference at least on my setup. I also download/upgrade apps on the phone and then sync.
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    Hi, Yes, I see what you are saying, but that seems way too tedious on an iPhone screen. As far as I can tell from the instructions, making the folders, and putting apps in them, can be done on the iPhone home page, and others, open on the Mac. If I do not find another answer here; next time I will try again to do it on the phone after trying just one folder with apps again on the Mac.

    Thanks for your input.
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    You're welcome.
    And yes, it was tedious.
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    OK, I spent another afternoon doing the job started yesterday. Last night (could not sleep, so might as well think) I got to thinking that I really must have missed a step or something because all my work was done on the Mac and I did not recall any time when I transferred the new setup with folders to the iPhone.

    Sure enough, when I tried it today I did find that missing step. When looking at the Home Page of the iPhone or any page being worked on, in the lower right hand corner two buttons say


    I do not recall using the APPLY button on the first day trying this, but I used it this time.

    After making changes, I hit APPLY and the computer began to sync with the iPhone.

    This time, although there is nothing telling the user what is going on, the sync actually makes the iPhone pages to look exactly like the pages created on the Mac.

    Too bad the instructions and help did not say to do things in this way, which is the only correct way, as far as I can tell.

    I have about 155 apps on the iPhone, making the job extra lengthy. However, I never could do it on the iPhone’s tiny screen, even though it is possible, so this was good - working on the larger screen of the MacBook.

    There are also some (undocumented?) tricks in using the MacBook for this task. For example, it is possible to create a folder and then, using the list of all apps on the iPhone that is on the left side of screen, open the folder, click on the check box next to any app you want to put in the folder and it will jump right in!

    If the check box already has a check mark, just click the box to remove it, click again to put the check mark in the box and voila the app takes off for the folder. This also works to just put apps onto a certain page, if you want to do that, but dragging apps around sometimes works better.

    I hope it will not be necessary to do this again because of the time involved, and he need for quite a bit of thinking on how to move the apps and folders around to get everything just where you want it on the iPhone. The work reminded me of an old kids game that has a small square case with, I guess eleven movable numbers, that are all mixed up, and one space that is not filled with a number. You can move the little squares with the numbers around inside the case to try to line the numbers up in order from 1-11 and do it faster than anybody else.

    Well, unfortunately lining up all my apps was like that because each page of the iPhone only holds 16 folders or apps and each folder is limited to 12 apps. Starting with 155 apps it takes too much mouse maneuvering to make the process easy.

    Finally, the automatic folder names are very broad, as in MUSIC, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS and such, so I often just deleted the given categories and put my in my own. Also, some day I may break down the folders more because twelve apps in one folder means the apps are still pretty much out of view.

    I wrote this in case anyone else finds it and has the same irksome product. If I just reinvented the wheel, please do not tell me now.
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    Please see my last post. I explain how I figured out the answer to my problem. Maybe my floundering around will help someone else trying to organize their apps.