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I have several folders in my two email accounts to help organize emails. In my work account, the folders appear on the iPad but are empty when I click on them. For my home email, the folders don't even appear on the iPad. Why is this, and is there even a way to organize emails on the iPad into folders? Also, if I delete an email on the iPad, why doesn't it delete from my account when I sync? When I check these accounts from my computer, those emails are still there. Thanks so much!

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    There are two type of mail accounts, IMAP and POP3. The IMAP accounts are designed for accessing one account from multiple places/devices. It keeps the mail synchronized in the various places. If you delete a message from one place it will be deleted from the other places too (you may have to manually access he server to see an update). Also folders are mirrored in the difference places. For a POP3 account there is no feedback. You can set one device to download messages but not delete them from the server. In that case if delete it locally it is still on he sever and thus is still there if access by other devices. Also, mail folders are not mirrored. You work account may be an IMPA account and the home one a POP3 account.
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    Ok, got that. Now can you create folders on the iPad using a POP3 account?
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    No, you can't create folder at all on the iPad. Most of time folders you create on a computer/web for IMAP account will show up in the iPad's Mail app. However, folder created on a computer/web for an PO3 account do not appear on the iPad.
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    not entirely true...you can see your folders from a pop3 type account. I have at&t mail, which is only pop3. But, by adding a new mail account as a yahoo type, which at&t is, I can see and file emails from my inbox to those folders. Huge! Granted, I cannot add new folders...but I can do that from a regular web browser.

    --the padman
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    Padman, you may be the Valentine present for my wife Can you be more specific on how this newbee can set up a "yahoo" account (is this an email account? what gets sent to it, if anything? Does it just become a sorting mechanism on the iPad?).
    We want folders from our desk top mini to show up on the new ipad I just got my wife. We have at&t POP accounts that consolidate on the mini desktop computer using the Apple Mail app. She has several clubs she runs and a mail folder for each!! Thank you