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I got new iphone4 on Sep 20th in Singapore. Currently i am in India.
The phone was working fine till Sunday( 7th Nov). Suddenly the touch screen has become unresponsive and the time is set to some other time then time i set on device.
The strange thing is that it starts working for 5 mins every 30 mins or so and again stops working. When it is working all areas of the screen are working normally and applications are working well. After a few minutes it again freezes.

The phone was kept well and till now it hasn't got any jerks and never fallen off or so. I tried restoring the firmware but it didn't help.Since i didn't damage the device and sometimes it is working fine i suspect it to be a software issue. If anyone has faced this issue please share your experience and help me to fix it.

Iphone4, iOS 4
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    I have the same problem. I don't know what is wrong with it but it is very annoying, and it has happened almost every day now. Sometimes I have to completely restore my iPhone to get it working again. Other times it will come back with a restart or two. I tried restoring my iPhone without a backup at all-completely from scratch-and it still froze up after a couple of days of usage.
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    I've had a similar problem for several months. Sometimes when I receive a call I can't hang up with the touch screen. I either wait until the other end hangs up or I hit the power button.

    When I get back, I can't do much of anything. App icons will look like I'm pushing them but they don't do anything. I can fix it by holding the power button, shutting off and restarting.

    Today I tried waiting. After about 5 minutes things started working. It's like the phone is too busy to respond until it unwinds whatever it's doing. I haven't tried restoring and reloading everything yet.
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    Mine is having the same problem!!

    The touch doesn't seem to respond properly..

    I hope apple fixes this prob as soon as possible