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I have a 2009 24" imac, and in the past week sufring on the web is almost unbearable no matter what browser I'm using, theres nothing wrong with my connection as ive an iphone and an ipad and they both work fine.
On certain websites it will not even load the page properly on others it takes forever. Ive unistalled flash and its still the same, any suggestions???

i read somewhere this could be to do with the router but I have no idea what do if it is.

2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo(2009), Mac OS X (10.5.5), 30g ipod video ATV 160g iPhone 4 iPad wifi
  • Not too impressed Mac... Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the exact same issue, with my '09 27" iMac Tried safari and chrome - please post if you find a solution.
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    Same thing here; happened out of the blue. My MacBook and even my old PowerMac G5 load pages far more quickly--the iMac often never completes page loads. I've tried Safari, FireFox, Chrome; tried disabling DNS prefetch, changed DNS settings (from OpenDNS to Google), no luck.
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    Have you tried doing a reset on the modem and router?
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    Yes, to no effect. What's odd is that a few steps I've tried--getting rid of GlimmerBlocker, trying a different browser--works for a few page loads (that is, they seem quick), but then it slows down rapidly to where it's as i was before. It might have been coincidence, of course, but a heckuva coincidence.

    Just downloaded TinkerTool and deleted the DNS cache; no help.
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    I should add that my connection speed is fast: 21 Mbps, according to Speakeasy. File transfers are quick *once they start*; it's the web pages that load very, very slowly, often stalling completely.
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    Create a new user account and leave it absolutely pristine. *DO NOT change any settings, add any software or make any change what so ever!* Then log into that account and see if the problem persists. If it does then you know it's a system wide problem related to hardware or software. If it operates normally then you know the issue is software that is localized to the troublesome user account.
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    Two possibilities.

    1. DNS Server (See Sys Prefs -> Network). A slow Domain Name System Server will cause slow surfing as it takes a longer time to find the website. You could try using a fast "public dns".

    2. The 3rd-party crap (ads, commenting system, activity tracking, etc.) that need to load. Look in the status bar of your browser and see how many (lots of sites) load stuff from other websites. I don't know of a solution to this.
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    I agree on resetting the DNS settings. Here is an article from MacWorld that explains the issue and I've provided instruction on how to change the setting below.

    _Changing DNS Settings_

    1. System preferences
    2. Network
    3. Click Advanced
    4. Click DNS tab
    5. Click + sign
    6. Add
    7. Click + sign
    8. Add
    9. Click OK.
    10. Exit System Preferences
    11. Try out your iMac and report what happened.

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    Superb advice, Roger.

    Worked a treat for me!

    Thank you very much.

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    Thank you, Dave.
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    Thanks don't know why but did the trick. KUDOS

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    Thanks Roger........


    I really appreciate your helping!  Unfortunately, it didn't help.  I've checked my connection speed (3500kbs/download) and I've tried Google Chrome (I usually use Safari).  I've reset my video card.  My download speed was fine yesterday, but today it's slower than molassas in January!


    Anyone........ please help!

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    OK. Great speed with new user account. Now, how do I find what is slowing  and clean my account?

    Thank you.