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Hi, like many of the support issues on these forums, I seem to have a problem with Imovie 08. Just as a note on our setup - We have a lab of ~ 20 machines that the music teachers use with students to create garageband files. All of the machines are running 10.4.11 on Emacs. Last year everything was running perfectly, not a single problem with the machines. Nothing changed over the summer as far as configuration goes. When they started trying to use garageband this year, They found that after they created the garageband file and saved it, when they tried to re-open the file it would Initialize, and then stop and open the "Create New" dialog. (all 20 machines doing the same thing) I swapped over from the student profile to the teacher profile on the machine (using local accounts) double clicked one of the files that wasn't working and it opened right up. SO I thought I had it narrowed down - I deleted com.apple.garageband.plist, com.apple.garageband.(cu? cl? something like that) from the User >> Library >> preferences folder. I also deleted the Garageband Cache folder from User>> Library >> Cache folder. Rebooted the machine attempted garageband again, however this time Garageband sat at initializing. Nothing I do seems to make it want to open that file. I've even pulled the preferences from the staff user profile and copied them to the student user profile, and am experiencing the same problem. Has anyone encountered this before?


Matt Nohava.

Emac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)