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I´m on the way converting my home recorded videos to AppleTV format using handbrake and i wonder if i should use the decomb/deinterlace function or not?
My videos are PAL 576res interlaced. And i guess if AppleTV shows it in 720res on the TV won´t interlace?
At least i don´t know how this should be able to work.

Mac Mini 2.26 GhZ, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I'd be interested in knowing an answer to this too. My guess is yes, because it'll just output whatever you give it, and then it's up to your TV to detect the interlaced image. It works with my Samsung Smart TV playing a PAL interlaced video converted using VisualHub to MP4, but it would ease my mind to know if the Apple TV does the same before I fork out the cash (even though it is cheap).