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mehro Level 1 (0 points)
My iPad is showing a new behavior when connected to be charged.
It all started when I used it till the battery crashed to zero.
When I try to charge it normally as I always do, the following symptoms showed
1- the charging icon does not display the charging logo
2- the charging audio notification is not played
3- the charging in progress black battery logo with the red stripe is not displayed anymore
4- the charging speed has become extremely slow, it is 1% per hour!!
can anyone advise what happened and how can I go back to the usual charging behavior?

Thanks Ahmad

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    Are you sure you are using the iPad charger and not an iPhone or iPod charger? they are lower wattage and will be very slow. That sounds like the culprit you mention for extremely slow charging.

    If it is the correct charger, it would be advisable at this time to take the unit to an Apple Retail store and have them check it out. The iPad should be taken to shutdown once a month and then recharged. That is Apple's recommendation for best battery life.

    But taking it to shutdown does not go to 0% charge, the unit auto-shutsdown at 1% charge so it can maintain volatile setting information.
  • mehro Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, actually after its auto shutdown, i restarted it and it showed 4%, then i drove it down to actual 0%, just to follow that recommendation you mentioned.
    is it possible that all this is because of second attempt to go to 0%?
    I doubt that apple store will do anything to do with my unit because iPad has not been officialy launched by Apple where I live.
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    Restarting and forcing the battery charge to go lower than designed may have upset the iPad a bit. However, it should recharge. The very slow charging may be its way of displaying its view of what you did.

    Anyway, without giving too much personality to the iPad, that deep discharge should not have done physical damage, but it may have lost some of its settings information in the process and not be sure of what to do. If it is charging, even slowly, charge it as fully as you can before using again. Even if the iPad has not been formally introduced in your country, it might be worth the effort to talk to the Apple Store and see if they can check the unit for you...they usually have the information to check and see there is not something actually wrong with the Apple products.
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    I checked with Apple service center here, their reply was they cannot, they're not trained for it yet!!
    Anyway, the charging speed had accelerated from 1% per hour up to 7% per 5 hours after going beyond 25% of battery capacity as indicated on the screen, however the battery logo still does not display the charging symbol when the iPad is connected to the power source, but the percentage is increasing at the rate mentioned above.
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    Is your charger compatible with the electricity where you are?
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    This sounds like you could have a faulty charger, or a bad battery in the iPad...can you get your hands on another iPad charger to try? You need to use an iPad charger and not one for an iPod or iPhone as they are lower wattage. The iPad will charge from them but at a very slow rate. The iPad charger is rated at 10 Watts, 100-240 volts at 50-60 Hertz.

    So your line power in Dubai should not be an issue with the charger.
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    Thank you guys for the responses.
    The electricity in Dubai is very stable, nothing in that regards could have happened when this all saga started.
    I have borrowed another iPad charger form a friend of mine, we purchased our units simultaneously, still the same, the charger factor is eliminated.
    now I had reached to 60%, then I disconnected the charger and used it for a while, the percentage of remaining power declined to 59% in less than an hour usage, i.e. the consumption rate is significantly higher than the charging rate.
    Also I noticed that it charges only when in sleep mode, just like when connected to a computer case.
    any clues about this added piece of information?
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    Dropping the charge from 60% to 59% with an hour of use is not bad since the battery life is quoted to be UP TO 10 hours...which would be 10% per hour.

    The iPad goes into sleep mode automatically when you plug it in to charge so that is normal behavior.

    But that it charges very slowly on another charger sounds like the problem is not your charger. It would be a good idea at this point to call Apple support and talk to them about the slow charging and see if they can do something even if the unit is not available officially in your country.

    They may tell you to take it through a complete cycle again and see what happens.
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    What's a complete cycle?
    Do you mean reaching 100%? this is what i intend doing.
    Do mean hard reset using the power switch and the reset button? I can do that, but how this will affect the pre-installed programs, i.e. safari, mail, etc?
    I'm not really worried about appstore programs, they're all retrievable.
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    Apple calls a complete discharge/charge cycle taking the iPad to the point that it shuts off...mine does that at 1% charge. Whatever I am doing, iPad goes to the home screen that shuts off. Plug it in and it says 1% charge and then goes to sleep and charges. That seems to to charge faster than normal when going from some mid-level charge.

    There was another thread on here about the meaning of Apple's battery guidance,

    that talks about some of the different guidelines they give.

    I think the difference is in that you took the charge to shutdown, then brought it back up and used in some more. Try taking it only to shutdown and then charge and see if that clears the problem.
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    Did some checking and here is a little more about the problems of completely discharging Lithium-Ion batteries:

    +Most laptops will suspend operation if the battery drains too low. Even if your computer goes to sleep, though, most batteries that are in good working order will still have a reserve charge available. This reserve will hold the computer’s working memory in state for a little while. A deep discharge has occurred when even that percentage of reserve power is used up. The computer will have turned off completely, and sometimes you’ll notice that it will have lost track of the correct date and time. Deep discharges will strain your batteries, so try to charge them frequently.+

    Take the time to do a complete charge and see how the battery behaves after that.
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    I reached now to 73%. rate of charging is 5% in 3 hours.
    To be honest, I'm not really confident that all will be restored as normal when I reach 100%
    As of now, all negative symptoms remain.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed though.
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    It may work ok, but the battery may have been damaged with the very deep discharge. Let us know what you find.
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    Since I had seen no improvement after reaching 76%, I resorted to teh full reset.
    Now I connected the iPad to the computer (with iTunes on) I can see on the iPad screen the image of itune logo and the connecting cable, for a 5-10 seconds and.....
    nothing happens.
    Am I deeper stuff now?
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